Researchers Propose Using Blockchain In E-Governance Of Belarus

Oct 03, 2016 at 10:41 // Blockchain
Nina Lyon
Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko reading about Blockchain

Bipart, a Belarusian Institute for reform and transformation of public administration, and SIMPA, a center for Research on Public Administration, have recently published a report describing the possibility of using Blockchain technology in the electronic governance of the Republic of Belarus.

According to the report, research into the field of Blockchain technology is already in progress in Belarus. Now, researchers from Bipart propose following neighboring countries, like Ukraine, and use Blockchain in banking, smart contracts, real estate registration, electronic auctions and elections.

They noted that the introduction of Blockchain-based e-government solutions will lead to greater efficiency of public administration, reduction of transaction costs, while making interaction with public authorities more simple, fast, comfortable and effective.

The report states:

“As the result of all of the administrative procedures is actually the process of making a record in one or another registry (of marital status, property rights, health and so on), implementation of Blockchain in it seems to be both a unique and universal technology to optimize or automate almost any administrative process and improve the efficiency and transparency of the e-government.”

Real estate registration in Belarus

In Belarus, the registry of ownership rights and real estate transactions is one of the basic state information resources, which means that the information held in that registry is considered to be authoritative and is used in other state information resources. The real estate registry is expensive, complicated, centralized and maintained by a single organization. 

Bitpart recommends using Blockchain technology to simplify this process. It would allow the buyer and seller to sign contracts on real estate in the distributed ledger, while the state bank and the notary will be able to follow the process and the agreement implementation. The same system could be used for the registering of land values.

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