Virtual Bar start-up QYK Plans to Use Patented Blockchain Technology to Disrupt the Alcohol Industry, Token Event Commences on February 15th

Feb 11, 2018 at 11:31 // PR
QYK plans to use patented blockchain technology

Virtual bar start-up QYKBAR is aiming to provide consumers  with a frictionless “alcohol on cloud” platform to meet the needs of a growing consumer market. The start-up will use a first of its kind blockchain technology, providing you with the opportunity to choose where you can stock, replenish, and hold your favorite alcoholic drinks on the cloud. QYKBAR’s consumers will be able to choose and stock their favourite drinks on the cloud, without having to worry about prices as QYKBAR standardizes this categorically throughout its platform.

With the natural growth of the alcohol market moving at an increasing rate, the industry’s estimated size grew to 1.25 Trillion USD in 2016. The alcohol industry is expected to grow steadily and hit 2 Trillion USD in revenues by the year 2025. The alcohol beverage industry includes producers, wholesalers, and distributors and bar merchants.

Virtual bar start-up QYKBAR aims to disrupt this booming industry with use of its Patented Blockchain technology to provide its consumers with their very own personal bar on the cloud. QYKBAR allows users to choose and stock their favourite drinks on the cloud for consumption at any bar of their choice. Consumers don’t have to worry about high prices as QYKBAR standardizes drinks prices for them across different bar categories. Imagine having your favourite drink stocked on cloud for you, ready wherever you go!

QYKBAR aims to provide a frictionless platform to consumers for stocking alcohol on cloud and consuming it at standardized prices anywhere in the world. Additionally, QYKBAR benefits bar merchants by giving them a platform to manage inventory and gain more customers. Bars can also combine their supply orders with other bars to get bulk rates from suppliers, with no middlemen involved. QYKBAR aims to create world’s first decentralized platform to buy, sell and

consume and trade alcohol on the cloud. By connecting bars, consumers, distributors and suppliers through its Patented blockchain technology.

QYK Tokensale

QYK token is used to facilitate these transactions, using the world’s first fully decentralized alcohol buying, stocking and consumption network powered by Patented Blockchain technology making transactions transparent and fully secure. QYK token sale begins February 15th 2018.

Interested parties can take part in the QYKBAR Token Event by visiting  QYKBAR website. Tokensale participants will also receive a lucrative bonus for taking part in QYK referral program.

QYK is aiming to expand across key regions in APAC by second half of 2018. Now with online and offline marketing in full swing, they are looking to hire a field team to expand their operations. They are planning for expansions to Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan and the Philippines during early 2019.


QYKBAR is the UBER for the Alcohol industry. We are changing the whole concept of Bar by taking it to the cloud. With QYKBAR, you can choose and stock your drinks on the cloud at low prices and consume at any number of bars and restaurants worldwide. QYKBAR will change your alcohol consumption experience forever!

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