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Feb 15, 2018 at 16:54 // News
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One of the most-unique tokens around, Prime-Ex Perpetual’s PEXT is now available through the ForkDelta cryptocurrency exchange in Panama City, Panama, as an Ethereum (ETH) pair.  

The PEXT token is unique because it was issued by a real estate developer and homebuilder. That company, Prime-Ex Perpetual plans to use the token and its blockchain-based ecosystem to finance the building of luxury homes in the Central American nation of Panama.

Prime-Ex plans to administer the sale, construction, financing, and maintenance of custom luxury homes for expatriates through its blockchain-based platform. The PEXT token can be used to pay for everything from land development to mortgage payments in Prime-Ex’s ecosystem.

“We’re happy for what this means for future PEX-Token liquidity and adoption of our solution for residential real estate,” Prime-Ex CEO and cofounder John Gilbert said. It represents the latest step forward for us as we continue our proof of concept.” The proof concept will be luxury homes on the beachfront and in the highlands of Panama.

Prime-Ex is demonstrating its system in Panama because of the growth that nation has experienced in recent decades. Many Americans, Europeans, Canadians, and others are choosing Panama as a retirement home, second home, or simply a new place to live.

“We hope to announce more trading pairs on other exchanges soon,” Gilbert added.

Prime-Ex Perpetual Token is now Ethereum-based

Prime-Ex has converted its Pex Waves based token into an Ethereum-based ERC20 token called PEXT. The new token carries the ticker symbol PEXT and is indexed and searchable on Etherscan. Its unique identifier is 0x55c2a0c171d920843560594de3d6eecc09efc098.

When asked why Prime-Ex switched its Token to Ethereum, Gilbert had a simple explanation.

“Our supporters have been waiting patiently since the end of our ICO for a good trading pair on a prominent exchange,” Gilbert explained. He believes that PEXT owners will derive numerous benefits from the switch to Ethereum.

ForkDelta is a full-service decentralized cryptocurrency exchange based in Panama City, Panama. PEXT is one of many ER20 tokens available through ForkDelta.

Real Estate Blockchain Ecosystem Planned

Prime-Ex Perpetual is developing a blockchain-based ecosystem for real estate designed to replace interest-rate risk with equity participation. The company hopes to demonstrate its concept with the construction and sale of 125 luxury homes in Panama.

That project recently began with the sale of 14 million PEXT Tokens through Prime-Ex’s initial cryptocurrency offering (ICO). Development of the luxury homes is Prime-Ex’s next step.

To learn more about Prime-Ex Perpetual and PEXT, please visit More information is available at and updates about Prime-Ex Perpetual are available through Twitter: @PEXTokens.

The PEXT/ETH pairing can be traded at!/trade/PEXT-ETH.

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