Pitch Investors Live Announces a Token Sale of PITCH Token

Feb 12, 2018 at 17:58 // PR
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WESTON, FL / February 17, 2018 – 2UP Technology, Inc announced today the creation of the PITCH, a token for it’s new PITCH INVESTORS LIVE platform. 2UP Technology, Inc developed the smartphone app, “PITCH INVESTORS LIVE” and is now releasing ERC-20 tokens called “PITCH” used for services.  The token sale opens to the public on the 28th of February and is currently finalizing its pre-sale.

“Unlike most of the token sales, 2UP Technology has a real product that we’ve been improving for years,” said Founder and CEO Matthew Lally. “We’ve formed a core development team and built a fantastic product since the initial investment, and we’re excited to launch the PITCH token sale.”

The PITCH INVESTORS LIVE Platform, is a software product which can already be accessed from an iOS app, and eventually from web browsers and Android devices. It allows entrepreneurs to create short summaries of their product or business, which accredited investors/experts and users can then easily sift through to find those in which they have some interest. “The next step is for the accredited investor/potential token buyer to invite the entrepreneur to pitch live via the platform. During this live discussion, other users of this app may watch as audience members, and even buy tokens in the presenting project”, says Lally.

PITCH INVESTORS LIVE will issue ERC-20 tokens named “PITCH” in a limited time event, using an Ethereum-based token sale. PITCH tokens are used as a payment mechanism for services on the network, and as an economic incentive to accredited investors and business experts who contribute their time investigating projects that pitch on the platform. “We’re not only offering edu-tainment to a new industry in dire need of education and entertainment but we are also revolutionizing how innovative projects get vetted and funded,” said Co-founder, Jonathan Foltz. “Our goal is to build a global platform for entrepreneurs to pitch to investors live.”

Full details of the token sale, as well as the full version of the PITCH white paper can be viewed on the website: https://tokens.pitch.ventures/

PITCH Token Issuance

Initial token count: 1,618,000,000 PITCH

Token sale: 20% of total supply.

Company name: 2UP Technology, Inc

Company site:  tokens.pitch.ventures

Company contact: Matt Lally or Jonathan Foltz  Email: info@pitch.ventures

Press Inquiries: Alice Hlidkova

Email: alice@pitch.ventures

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