Particl and Changelly Form Strategic Partnership

Jun 30, 2018 at 13:18 // News
Particl and Changelly partnership

Particl foundation is a Swiss non-profit organization registered in ZUG (July 2017) with help from the law firm (MME). The partnership with MME has enabled Particl deployment of funding and logistics ensuring a safe development - the open-source project is building privacy-focused decentralized applications.

The platform is built on a blockchain and is designed to work with any cryptocurrency. It allows all sorts of decentralized applications (DAPPS) to be built in a secure, high stable environment. PART is a multi-purpose utility coin with the intention to be used by customers as a privacy coin, however, it is predominantly required to use Particl’s platform features and DAPPS.

The foundation is formed from the ‘Bitcoin Core’ – being built on Bitcoin allows their platform to benefit from the same stability and security, whilst being hosted by its own blockchain. Particl has made many successful pursuits toward the protocol’s base code (Bitcoin 0.16); despite the fact, the foundation is less than a year old.

On their official website Particle describe themselves as a trustless, private economy can be built without middlemen. The association has made a strategic partnership with Changelly (a popular cryptocurrency exchange service), so that users can buy their own PART coins, ensuring more users and more tokens are exchanged privately on the Particl Marketplace.

Changelly’s service has over 15,000 transactions daily – their robot is integrated into the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms, including Poloniex and Bittrex. They have also collaborated with numerous other partners, such as Coinomi, Freewallet, CoinPayments, Jaxx, Nem, and CoinMarketCap. These partnerships allow users to use cryptocurrency without using external exchanges. Their system allows you to transfer from one wallet to another within seconds – “fair, fast, trusty”.

Changelly’s superfast technology is able to make bids and asks on the trading platforms enabling them to deliver the best available rates instantly. Particl’s partnership with Changelly has allowed them to enhance the checkout process on the Particl Marketplace and provided a private way for users to spend and earn coins on decentralized platforms.

Consensus 2018 (a live conference based in New York City, USA) supplied the perfect venue for Particl and Changelly to discuss face-to-face, the check out solutions for eCommerce, online shopping with cryptocurrency, and strategies to opening more doors for more users globally to shop in privacy. A consensus was proudly announced by CoinDesk to present the 4th annual blockchain technology summit.

The conference featured 250+ guest speakers, plus over 4,000 attendee’s, all from various leading industry startups, investment companies, financial institutions, enterprise tech leaders, and academic and politic groups (who are also building foundations in digital currency and blockchain technology). Some quotes from the conference provided motivation and excitement to the attendees.

Since 2015, has acquired more over 2 million registered customers around the world. Now that privacy platform Particl has partnered with Changelly, it has provided assurance that their service will attract and engage a high scale of users globally. Facilitating transactions could not have been faster or easier with this new partnership.

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