A New Show Covering Crypto News Topics Is Going to Be Up on Air Next Month

Jun 15, 2018 at 13:44 // News
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New show covering crypto news topics

Boston FM is preparing for the launch of a new weekly radio show on digital currency called “Cryptomania - Bitcoin & Beyond". The project aims at educating people of the advantages that the crypto market can offer. The New England region will be able to listen to the show in July.

"Our goal is to breakdown and educate the public about the ins and outs of Cryptocurrency as well as to highlight how easy it is for anyone to purchase as little as $20 worth of Bitcoin or as we like to put it how to Get in the Game, the show's catch phrase," Dana McIntyre said.

The idea to launch such a project was developed by Dana McIntyre,  the creator of New England Blockchain LLC (NEB), who will host this show together with his assistant Jameson Rust. “Cryptomania” will be broadcast every Sunday at 9:30EST. Over 2 million citizens of the North of Boston and Merrimack Valley regions of Massachusetts, as well as southern New Hampshire, will be able to listen to the program on Boston’s FM radio signal 104.9.

Starting from July, people will have an opportunity to learn all fintech trends, deepen their knowledge in this area, and finally figure out what cryptocurrency is. Moreover, the show also explains how easy anyone can buy a small part of Bitcoin.

People willing to listen to the program can also find its podcasts at NewEnglandBlockChain.com, with the option of downloading included. Besides, there is a page on Facebook called @cryptomaniaradioshow, where will be added show updates and recent news. Live shows from the studio are available for watching on Youtube.

This initiative is not the first of its kind in the US, as the Crypto Show in Austin has been on air on 89.1 FM for a long time. Youtuber Jason Appleton has also announced the Crypto Crow Show, which is going to be airing on CBS, the CW, and Roku. Cheddar is planning to launch a show called Crypto Craze, with a 30-minute period of broadcasting.

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