Liquid Craft Appeals to Worldwide Crafters to Embrace NFTs

Dec 02, 2021 at 09:50 // News
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All buyers of the NFT series will be eligible for an airdrop of Liquid Craft’s token

Liquid Craft has successfully launched their first liquor-backed NFT series Dragons and Bourbon with the aim of adding tangible value to NFTs through physical asset backing.

The assets are liquid art pieces in the form of handcrafted bottles of bourbon, and are an exclusive small-batch release. 


The project aims to revolutionize the traditional way collectible liquor is invested in by solving intermediary problems that currently exist in the industry - through NFT ownership authentication. This will allow the would-be investors to trade their liquor securely across the globe with greatly reduced potential damage to the bottles. 

All buyers of the NFT series will be eligible for an airdrop of Liquid Craft’s native $CRAFT token, which comes with utilities advantageous to users - expected to go live in December or January. 

The official minting of the Dragons and Bourbon NFTs is currently live here:  

The solution for the traditional liquor industry involving NFTs

The concept proposes an innovative solution for the traditional liquor industry in the way collectible liquor is purchased. The marketplace presents an opportunity for investors and crafters alike to interact with each other across the world on one platform - allowing trading, buying, and selling of NFTs backed by exclusive liquor. There will be a vetting process to ensure the crafters are verified and the assets are authenticated for NFT attachment. 

The solution to intermediary processes that currently exist in the investment of collectible liquor involves NFTs acting as a form of authentication for traders. By providing tangible value to said NFTs through its physical asset backing, it allows the bottle to be traded freely without it ever leaving its original place unless harvested by the current owner. If a harvest is initiated, the NFT is permanently removed from the supply and can no longer be traded on the Liquid Craft marketplace, or any secondary market - the bottle is then transported safely to the owner. 

Liquid Craft as a marketplace greatly reduces possible damages that come with fragile goods shipment, by only doing so if the owner at the time wishes to harvest it - otherwise the bottle is stored safely at the supplier until requested.

The first NFT collection - Dragons and Bourbon

This series is the first by Liquid Craft and is aimed at kicking off the concept’s inception into the crypto and liquor industry alike - by providing an innovation involving asset backed NFTs, of which will allow crafters and investors around the world to interact on one platform.

The project has collaborated with an award winning spirit distiller in Windsor, Colorado - The Heart Distillery - owned by Zach Weakland, the head at Liquid Craft. The proposal stems from the team's prior experience in the liquor industry, an attribute usually connected with successful innovations. The unique taste that the exclusive small-batch bourbon possesses is acquired through the distiller’s use of homegrown and locally sourced ingredients - a truly premium bottle. 

There are two tiers of the minting amounting to 1500 NFTs for sale. Tier one is for the Ethereum Network offering a premium traditional round-shaped bottle containing 123-proof, cask strength, straight bourbon at a price of 0.22 ETH each.

Tier two is for the Binance Smart Chain offering a premium modernized square-shaped bottle containing 100-proof, cask strength, straight bourbon at a price of 0.75 BNB each.


First buyer airdrops of the native token

Buyers of the first NFT series Dragons and Bourbon will be eligible to receive airdrops of the native $CRAFT token once it goes live around Dec/Jan. Depending on the tier purchased, buyers will receive the respective amounts - up to 4500 for the ETH tier, and up to 1500 for the BSC tier. The token will allow holders to be granted reduced taxes on buys and sells once the marketplace is released. Buyers are also given additional benefits including exclusive offers, and access to any future promotions and giveaways.

The series is limited as the project revolves around the investing of collectible liquor so only 1500 buyers are able to receive this bonus.

The Liquid Craft marketplace and partnership

The marketplace is the primary offering for the traditional liquor industry because of its use-case in allowing collectible liquor made by international crafters to be sold on the platform in the form of an NFT, and bought by anyone who wishes to. Seeing as international tourism has dropped to record lows, due to the pandemic, it could provide a lifeline to crafter’s who haven’t been able to sustain their business, through audience exposure on the proposed platform.

Liquid Craft has partnered with Coinpresso - an expert crypto marketing agency offering full-stack digital marketing strategies including crypto SEO; Content Copywriting, and Social Media Management. 

The addition of tangible value to NFTs is rarely seen in the crypto space - most are digital artworks whose value is based on hype and speculation. By applying the NFTs to the premium bottles of liquor, it revolutionizes investing as crafters and collectors are able to buy, sell, and trade their liquor assets on an international platform.

The Dragons and Bourbons series is currently live and available to public investors.

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