Waiting for Libra to Transform Your Business? Take Your Global Step Today

Jan 09, 2020 at 07:39 // PR
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Noah Project has been working at the cutting edge of advances in blockchain tech

The way in which businesses are carried out has changed dramatically with the advances in information technology and telephony. Borders are being blurred and businesses are exploring new regions to expand. Today, businesses are “going global.” But this has also necessitated businesses to work smarter in an effort to stay relevant, competitive and profitable. However, emerging technologies like blockchain are helping businesses gain an edge.

Do You Desire Success? Go Global!

This is not, unfortunately, a prevalent scenario, as small and medium businesses cannot easily adopt emerging technology to take themselves to the next level. Even local businesses within local markets are struggling to stay afloat.  

That said, the sure way to success is to expand business horizons and go global. And blockchain technology, as previously mentioned, gives the limitless advantage to companies of all sizes to blur geographical borders in an effort to expand their global footprint and find new clients, new opportunities for monetization and new sources of revenue.

The decentralized economy allows anyone to create their own blockchain-powered ecosystem that is run by their own cryptocurrencies. Today, there are in excess of 2500 crypto assets on the market. Take Libra, for instance. The cryptocurrency backed by social media giant Facebook seeks to create a parallel economy that is based on the principles of consensus participation and decentralization. Many big companies are also in the process of leveraging the opportunities that blockchain technology affords them.

Blockchain is helping companies of all sizes through a variety of ways –

  • Cross border payments

The inherent nature of the blockchain allows faster, secure transfer of funds anywhere, anytime. This makes clearing and settlement faster and the cost of the transaction is nominal and much less than traditional modes. 

  • Fast operations

The zero requirement of intermediaries enables blockchain-based systems to complete a transaction in near real-time, thus saving a lot of time and making operations faster. 

  • Reduced burden of regulations

Being a proven technology with a lot of potential regulations on blockchain-based systems is not stringent, as many compliance requirements are automatically enforced through “smart contracts,” leading to no frauds and better compliance with existing regulations.

Noah Is Opening up the “Blockchain 3.0” Revolution

The Noah Project has been working at the cutting edge of advances in blockchain tech since 2017, when it created a financial ecosystem that profits almost every section of society – from migrant workers, cross-border, and local businesses to tourists and organizations. In the second phase of its development, they have already developed own hub of blockchain tools to bridge the gap between technology and real life.

The Noah Project team has partnered with Platinum Q DAO Engineering and developed the Noah Blockchain and its accompanying tools and solutions. The new Noah Blockchain will provide a range of exciting functionalities for end users – stable tokens (for remittances within the Noah ecosystem), dApps, a new NOAH token, validation, delegation, and a DPoS consensus mechanism. All these features are gathered around one ecosystem. Moreover, the Noah City, a dedicated project from The Noah Project team, is developing as the main hub for implementing all of the top-notch technology.  The Noah City residentship is granting additional bonuses for holding and using NOAH in the ecosystem. 

Mint Your Own Cryptocurrencies

The Noah blockchain is unique from other blockchains and goes well beyond the functionalities offered by ERC-20 of the Ethereum ecosystem. It allows businesses to create their own tokens in no time with no programming skills. Businesses are already able to issue and manage their own unique crypto tokens and make them available for trading with instant liquidity and 24/7 availability.

Built using the progressive network frameworks, the Noah blockchain is aiming to implement the concept of blockchain 3.0 as a network of blockchains. They will able to transact and communicate with each other in a decentralized way after integrating with COSMOS HUB as the next step of development. It helps businesses to easily and securely create tokens without the use of complicated smart contracts. The new tokens are backed within the NOAH tokens, the native coin of the Noah blockchain. This means that there will always be enough liquidity for trading the newly minted tokens. Moreover, it grants the increasing demand for the core NOAH token in the ecosystem. 

Parting Words

You no longer have to wait for global cryptocurrencies like Libra to transform your business. Neither do you have to spend humongous resources in creating your own cryptocurrencies. Noah blockchain allows you to create your own crypto tokens and leverage its unbound potential to take your business to the next level and become a global player.

Become a pioneer of this exciting moment in history.  Try out the amazing features of decentralized voting in a special wallet or mint your own digital asset without any coding with Noah Blockchain tools set. Moreover, you can get additional passive income through delegating your assets

Another way to get significant bonuses and open the door of passive income - to become a Noah Citizen

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