Anti-terrorist Squad in Latvia Prevented Two Killings and Theft of Cryptocurrency

Oct 23, 2020 at 10:28 // News
Nina Lyon
His plan included violence and torture

The anti-terrorist squad and state police of Riga, Latvia, have arrested a man who was planning to kidnap and kill two people to steal their cryptocurrencies worth half a million euros.

On October 22, the Criminal Investigation Department of Latvian police has published the details of the arrest of a man who was planning to commit a crime to get access to victims funds including cryptocurrency wallets.

An investigation and arrest

Police officers first received information about the impending crime in September 2020. According to their data, a citizen of Riga born in 1989 was looking for executants in the criminal environment outside Latvia who would agree to commit the kidnapping. His plan included violence and torture if the victim refused to voluntarily transfer the funds from its cryptocurrency wallets, and even a killing after the funds would be received.

As a result of the kidnapping and murder of two people, the suspect planned to receive cryptocurrency and cash in the amount of about 500,000 euros.

The suspect was arrested by the Latvian anti-terrorist squad “Omega” on 7 October. After the arrest the suspect fully confessed to planning the crime and now is in prison. He has already been previously convicted for crimes including fraud.

This criminal offence is now classified as serious for preparation for kidnapping that would include imprisonment of up to five years. Evidence is currently being gathered to decide on the classification of that crime under a more serious article - the preparation for murder - and more strict punishment.

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