Breaking Barriers: Kvantor to Replace Slow and Tedious Banks in International Trade

May 03, 2018 at 09:13 // News

Blockchain technology and decentralization has changed the way modern banking works. With an unparalleled level of security, speed and transfer times, its impact in international funding and trade is the biggest industry disrupter since the advent of the internet.

Banks today are the only way for trading parties, whether individuals, organizations or even governments, to transfer funds or do international exchange for trades. These financial institutions hold the power of transactions, controlling how and when (even if) the funds are transferred.

Replacing Banks With Blockchain: Kvantor

Developed by a team of industry experts, Kvantor is a decentralized platform for international transfer of funds and goods. The team has a vast experience in banking, financial and blockchain sector. They realized the potential that blockchain had to offer in international level economic trade and Kvantor is a result of their efforts. The Kvantor platform offers the following services:

  • Simple banking via bank transfers, guarantees, funds clearance.
  • Trade exchange of fiat, digital instruments, commodities, industrial raw materials, agriculture and precious items.
  • Interbank trading of fiat and digital currencies, regardless of physical and political boundaries.

Why Shift to Kvantor? 

Kvantor’s adoption of blockchain technology gives it an edge over traditional banking which, although faster than ever, is still based on centuries old system. The traditional banking is left behind in the race due to the following lackings:

  • Painfully Slow: International transfer of funds can take days, sometimes weeks. Kvantor offers a transfer of funds in seconds and minutes- anywhere in the world.
  • Ineffective Security: Banks have a centralized system of working. A compromise in their system means a major threat of loss of funds. Kvantor, as a blockchain based service provider, offers top of the line security to users.
  • Heavy Banking Fee: Banks, as any other organization, are primarily focused towards making profits. Thus, when dealing with them, clients have to pay a hefty fee for services. When it comes to Kantor, there are no hefty fee involved. Only a small transaction fee is charged and only to cover the cost of writing the information on the blockchain.

Licenses and the Token Sale

The Kvantor platform treats its internal tokens as a license to use their services through a process called Results in Intellectual Activities. Higher number of licenses held by a user would give him/her/it a higher sway in the RIA. The licenses are being distributed to seekers in two phases. The first license distribution event is currently live until 25th May. This private phase is giving at a discount of 40% to the first 20% licenses.The second phase of issuance will start on 28th May and will end on 25th June. During this, the first 40% licenses distributed will carry a 20% discount.

The total hardcap of the licenses is 32,000,000 GBP. Exact value of licenses is calculated against current price of 1/1300th troy ounce of gold in the international market.

For more information on Kvantor, visit their website:

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