Is it Possible That Your Parents will Use Crypto Wallets Like They Use the Internet Banking?

Sep 13, 2018 at 11:47 // PR
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Internet banking is probably the most widely used means to perform financial transactions.

A Rehash of the crypto market could lead to mass adoption and integration of cryptocurrencies in the international financial market.

Internet banking is probably the most widely used means to perform financial transactions. So, when you talk about cryptocurrencies beating fiat currencies, the idea would be to offer methods and means that are so simple and useful that they eclipse the functionality of paper currency. 

However, as far as the current predicament for the crypto market goes, the work and expansion has stalled – courtesy of the limitations of the currency in conventional market systems. 

So, if one was to claim that a new form of cryptocurrency were to make transactions easy enough that your parents understand – you’d be rather curious and surprises. 

As it happens, a Czech team has come up with a solution to beat crypto’s own bottlenecks by presenting a platform that resembles internet banking and offers simple transactions and integration with conventional currencies. CitiCash which addresses the issues of regular crypto coins, has built a wallet that is absolutely easy to use even for the ones unfamiliar with crypto. 

The new cryptocurrency has been created in a way that allows ordinary, non-geek folks to enter the world of cryptocurrencies, use them for transaction and use them in regular markets. 

The platform and the coin tackles the problem of transition to wide adoption of cryptocurrencies with a feature that allows payments to a vendor with a debit card directly linked to CitiCash wallet. Moreover, CitiCash’s wallet has built-in functionality to convert CitiCash into whichever fiat currency accepted by the vendor that is receiving payment, thus making it easier for its coins to be convertible to and from paper currencies. 


With CitiCash coins, users will be able to request a debit card. Payments in restaurants, retail stores, online retailers or other vendors, therefore, can be transacted via this debit card. 

Add to that the rather innovative UX and simplicity of the platform makes it easier for regular people to adopt the currency – thus overcoming crypto’s major practical bottleneck. With this technology at hand, cryptocurrencies could witness mass adoption and growth and lead to ordinary people using them for any sorts of purchases without facing user-demanding technical processes. 

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