Invest your Bitcoin with AMFEIX Fund and Get an Average of 23% ROI

Aug 06, 2019 at 12:57 // PR
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The scalable, pseudo-anonymous platform enables investors to get an average of 23 percent monthly return on their bitcoin investment with the digital asset management firm.

Cryptocurrency trading is no longer the same, thanks to AMFEIX Fund. The scalable, pseudo-anonymous platform enables investors to get an average of 23 percent monthly return on their bitcoin investment with the digital asset management firm.

AMFEIX generates pools together with investors’ Bitcoins and generates profits for them by trading purely on crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat pairings. Users only need to start with a meagre 0.02 BTC as the minimum deposit amount, and they’ll benefit from consistent profit payouts.

What Makes AMFEIX Distinct? 

Pseudo-anonymous Investment doesn’t use the KYC policy for its customers. The firm allows users to invest with them pseudo-anonymously. They will not ask for your personal details before you deposit your BTC. Instead, you only need to open a wallet, get a password and seed key - and that’s it.   

Trouble-free Registration Procedure   

Investing in AMFEIX is both simple and time-saving. You only need to create your wallet n their platform and then transfer your BTC to the new wallet. Your BTC holdings will immediately reflect on your new wallet but will take 24 hours to appear on the Funds page.   

Nil Fixed Fees    

AMFEIX doesn’t charge investors any fixed or hidden fees. The firm only charges investors 20% of the profits generated. Therefore, the traders are highly motivated to make profits for investors so that it can also get their share of the same.   

Satisfying Profit Sharing   

AMFEIX has an agreeable and satisfactory profit-sharing formula that it uses to disburse gains. The ratio of sharing profits is 2:8, with investors pocketing 80% while the firm earns 20% of the profits generated.   

Incremental Capital allows users to build up their capital through compounding. Investors who are not hasty to cash on their profits can reinvest them with the firm and watch as their capital multiplies progressively.   

Expedient Withdrawals   

Withdrawing profits from AMFEIX is a very straightforward and fast procedure. Users can visit the Funds page and request the same. After approval, they will find all their BTC in their wallet within 24 hours and can transfer them to their places of choice.   

Multiple Security Fortifications  

In the wake of recent hacks on exchanges and personal wallets, AMFEIX has put in place a raft of measures to secure investor funds.  

The firm’s platform runs on the Ethereum blockchain, which is acclaimed for its impenetrable features. As a decentralized platform, AMFEIX only permits peer to peer transactions, thereby implying that no third parties can interfere with the operations on the platform.  

The company limits any exposure from internet hackers by ensuring that all their crypto is safe by using cold storage. The method, which is completely detached from the World Wide Web, denies hackers the opportunity of accessing the funds.  

On opening a wallet with AMFEIX, users get a 12-letter seed key that secures their wallet by linking devices while also helping in the recovery of their accounts. Additionally, the users use an 8-character password to secure their wallets from any unauthorized access.  

Minimal Volatility Exposure Policy  

AMFEIX uses a very cautionary approach when trading to protect investors’ funds from potential losses in the volatile cryptocurrency trading industry. At any time, the firm only trades 30-50 % of funds in a pool. Additionally, it trades in the most secure exchanges to ensure that investors funds aren’t lost.  

Profitable Referral Program   

Users can increase their profits by participating in the AMFEIX referral program. For any successful referral made, the user will get 10% of the gains due to the referee.   

AMFEIX invests and trades in cryptocurrencies on behalf of investors because, when they profit, the firm profits, too. The digital assets investment firm trades in the most profitable crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat pairs for supreme gain. 

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