Mining madness is growing
August 14,
Ripple retains leadership positions

Ripple is the third worthiest cryptocurrency. As webrazzi signifies, on the first half of 2017 year Ripple became the most profitable cryptocurrency on a stock market. According to Coinmarketcap, Ripple’s price rose four thousand percent in comparison to the last year and for now its market capitalization equals more than $6 billion. One of the Ripple’s seniors Miguel Vias points that the company focuses on international payments with XRP and they have a clear plan for further action. Let us remind, Ripple is the third in terms of marketcap cryptocurrency after bitcoin and ethereum.

SEBI establishes a committee to explore blockchain

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) will explore blockchain for a potential use in regulative processes. As reported by Coindesk, SEBI announced on establishing Committee on Financial and Regulatory Technologies (CFRT) to research blockchain opportunities in the areas of asset management, fundraising and post-trade settlement. The new committee is supposed to develop a roadmap for a regulatory sandbox aimed at promoting innovative technologies in the financial sector. The establishment of a new committee coincides with the government of India taking steps to regulating cryptocurrency activities.

Mining madness is growing

Mining volumes continues growing. Along with the increasing numbers of miners, more amazing stories appears. As news portal reports, one of the Hong-Kong based mining company has rented a Boeing 747 cargo airplane fully loaded with graphic cards. Genesis Mining CEO Marco Streng announced that nowadays the company is earning 36 thousand Ethereum daily, worths $7 Mln. On the other hand, the CEO of the graphic card manufacturer AMD, Lisa Su commented, she doesn’t think that mining is a good long-term investment instrument. 

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Japanese Yen beats USD and Chinese Yuan
August 10,
Central Bank of Argentina is not afraid of bitcoin

Central Bank of Argentina support the use cases of bitcoin. According to btcmanager, Vice President of the National Bank of Argentina, Lucas Llach, the government and the organizations are supporting the digital currency. In his statement Llach emphasized the digital currencies’ benefits: secure and efficient nature and absence of third party service providers. Argentina’s optimistic approach towards cryptocurrencies prove that it’s planning to embrace and adopt bitcoin as a legitimate payment network and digital currency. 

Gibraltar Stock Exchange to adopt blockchain

Gibraltar Stock Exchange to integrate blockchain into its trading and payment systems. According to Coindesk, a company called Cyberhub Fintech, a part of Broctagon Group, will assist it to adopt the blockchain. The company has already announced the strategic partnership with the exchange and has become its shareholder. For the Gibraltar Stock Exchange it is not the first experience of integrating the blockchain technologies. Over a year ago it announced the launch of an exchange-traded instrument (ETI) tied to the price of bitcoin. 

Japanese Yen beats USD and Chinese Yuan

Japanese Yen took the first place in terms of bitcoin trading volume. According to cryptocompare monitoring, Bitcoin trading with Japanese Yen (JPY) has more than 117 BTC volume, worth over 43 mln JPY, with almost 42% market share. Thus, Japan is moving to the first place and becomes the world's largest stock market for bitcoin. Yen’s such opportunity has been triggered due to almost zero-fee trading rules of Japan. US Dollar and Chinese Yuan took second and third places after Yen with 25% and 14% share rates. The biggest surprise came from Polish Zloty (PLN) which took sixth place and overtook the British pound, the Australian dollar, the Canadian dollar and the Russian ruble.

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August 9,
British corporates are integrating blockchain

Great Britain continues to implement blockchain. As reported by Coindesk, a UK-based analytical firm Juniper Research announced the results of the survey among 400 large-scale enterprises. According to report data, 57 percents of surveyed are either in the process of blockchain integration or considering the ways of using it. Not every company fully understand the potential challenges in the technology adoption, but the given figures indicate the growing popularity of blockchain among British corporations. This is confirmed by 66% of the respondents who plans to integrate blockchain proof-of-concept by the end of 2018.

After Trumpcoin and Putincoin now Erdogan coin appears

After Trumpcoin and Putincoin, Turkish cryptocurrency users produced Erdogancoin. According to, cryptocurrencies became very popular, even some of them are dedicated to political figures. Participating in this fury, one of the Turkish user created Erdogancoin, named after Turkish president Recep T. Erdogan, the name of coin is RTEC. Erdogan fans believe that the currency will be popular soon, even though it has no worth for now. The other currencies like Putincoin and Trumpcoin have already start to growing. For example Putincoin has already $3,195 marketcap whereas Trumpcoin price is $423.

Cryptomining’s incredible electricity consumption

Global cryptocurrency mining consumes more electricity than some small countries. According to businessinsider, while the digital mining has become more widespread, the amount of power consumed due to this mining really impresses. As Digiconomist’s founder Alex de Vries reports that the entire Ethereum network is consuming more electricity than the whole Cyprus Island which is about 4.2 terawatt-hours. He also claimed that Ethereum has plans to move away from its existing energy-intensive mining algorithms and switch to a new model.

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