ImmVRse Proudly Announces Anticipated Pre-Sale Dates in Partnership with TokenGet

Jun 03, 2018 at 09:34 // News

ImmVRse, the decentralized Virtual Reality content platform, has struck up a partnership with TokenGet  to launch the first phase of their Pre-sale, set for 19th June 2018 and ending on the 22nd of June. ImmVRse has been inundated by community requests for the dates of its Token Generation Event and is proud to finally present the public with the schedule.

To meet up with high demand for the token, ImmVRse will be offering supplementary payment methods for token sale participants. Additional currencies for purchase will include Dash, Bitcoin, USD, and Ethereum among other options. These options will be made securely available for all participants through its pre-sale partnership with TokenGet.

Securing Participation With TokenGet

TokenGet have mastered the rules for conducting successful TGEs - and have even written a few of their own into the emerging industry. Their invaluable experiences in helping launch successful token sales across the decentralized landscape has placed them at the forefront of fashioning ideas into reality.

Having successfully carved their name into blockchain platforms that have raised millions of dollars, including the savings management platform Peculiar - that successfully raised $7M, and crypto investment platform Tokia - raising $20M, TokenGet is dedicated to helping blockchain startups secure their funding targets for the development of future-proof technologies.

Safety First

In light of recent malicious attacks that have dogged the blockchain fundraising industry, ImmVRse has prioritised the safety of their contributors above all. Infrastructures have been put in place to safeguard contributors’ funds from fraudulent attack.

The platform has also tapped the highly-skilled, cyber specialist team of Entersoft to safeguard the event  and ensure the safety of participants. Contributors are assured of the best possible security monitors who will be continuously on the lookout for threats. They will also pay close attention to the ImmVRse website and Telegram channel.

Pre-launch on The Really Early Show

“The Really Early Show” is a YouTube series launched recently ahead of the ImmVRse pre-sale. The series features interviews with members of ImmVRse team, giving viewers unique insights and entertaining engagement opportunities to quiz the team, share opinions and suggestions, and be formally introduced to ImmVRse team members.

“The Really Early Show” series, is among the first exciting content to be released by the platform on the official ImmVRse YouTube channel and will be bookended by upcoming live-streams on YouTube and Facebook in the month of June. The event will open the field for interested individuals or parties to show support and ask questions about the anticipated  token sale. They will also learn about how ImmVRse will offer a revolutionary distributed platform, built on the Ethereum Blockchain, that will connect projects, brands, and developers looking leverage the bold and exciting world of Virtual Reality.

An Entourage of vast Experience

ImmVRse stands out from other blockchain offerings based on the pedigree of the team behind the development of the project. Always striving to break new ground, the team comprises:

Farabi Shayor, CEO

With a decade worth of experience in branding and marketing, Farabi is a cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast with MSc and BSc qualifications in finance and marketing. He is currently leading a research on VR-neuroscience with a team in Imperial College London.

Adrian Chan, Head of Marketing

The former co-founder of MadBuzzHK, Adrian is head of marketing for ImmVRse and holds an MSc in Marketing Communications and Advertising. He has also worked for four years in journalism and marketing.

Peter Gostincar, Chief Technical Officer

ImmVRse’s technical officer is a skilled developer with years of experience. Peter’s experience has seen him manage a wide network of software and Android app projects with leading companies in Europe. He is an expert in JS, Python PHP, JAVA, and SQL.

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