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For those who are aware of the cryptocurrency trading industry, they must have come across this term ‘ICO’ in the recent times. Ever wondered, “what is ICO?”. ICO is an abbreviated term for “Initial Coin Offering”. For understanding ICO, you need to have a general idea about IPO (Initial Public Offerings). In a typical IPO scenario, a company usually extends out its shares for the purpose of raising funds.

However, when it comes to ICO (Initial Coin Offerings), as the name implies, a particular company promotes crowdfunding through some of the specific digital assets known as “tokens”. These digital assets or digital contracts based on the Blockchain technology come with a certain monetary value. This value is expected to rise over a period of time, just like the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. In most of the cases, these smart or digital contracts in an ICO get funded by some of the famous cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others.

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Introduction

ICO is a special term in context with cryptocurrency trading that has been gaining impetus in the recent times. ICO has been defined as the process wherein the selling of certain cryptocurrency tokens or assets takes place before the traders enter the different cryptocurrency trading platforms or channels.

ICO is recognized to be an organized means of raising crowdfunds by different companies for setting up a new digital or cryptocurrency project. The initial offer of the ICO gets utilized by the startup companies. This is usually done for bypassing the highly structured and rigorous process of ample capital collection that might require the presence of some large holders of the necessary capital.

Initial Coin Offering Presentation Overview

In a particular ICO campaign, a certain percentage or value of the given digital or cryptocurrency gets sold to the initial supporters of the given project. This is done in exchange for a particular idea or promise and even some percentage of the monthly or annual overall profits.

The desired capital for the setting up of a new digital currency project is gathered from some of the leading cryptocurrencies or digital coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others. Whenever a particular company wishes to start a new project, it needs some prime capital for launching the given idea of the encrypted digital currency in order to raise enough money or fund through the initial currency presentation (ECO).

ICO Presentation Scenario

In this scenario, there has to be a certain plan which would be explaining the given course of actions as well as the initial presentations of the company with respect to what the company will be achieving after making the desired collection of money or required funds.

As such, the company is expected to show the investors the amount of money or fund needed for the given project. In addition to this, the company should also let the investors know about the number of tokens that might be required by both the developers as well as the workers of the given project along with the investors. Additional information that needs to be supplied by the company would include the type of funds accepted by the company as investment and the time of the running of the company’s ECO campaign.

During a particular ECO campaign, the supporter of the particular initiative by the company will be moving them to buy a particular digital currency and to convert the same into a desired company. In return, the campaigners would be receiving tokens (coins) –just like the shares in case of IPO.

In case the collected funds are not able to meet the minimum fund requirement of the given company, then the collected funds are returned to the entities involved. As such, the particular initial coin presentation (ECO) of the given ICO is considered to be unsuccessful. The situation in which the collected funds are able to meet the desired fund requirement, the raised funds are then used for either starting or completing a new scheme.

Benefits of ICO Presentation (ECO)

·         When a company raises funds through a proper ICO presentation (ECO), then it serves as a great way of raising funds for the particular initial project. It helps the company earn the required initial capital that is needed to raise a skilled team and then, start the business.

·         ECO for the given ICO also eliminates several obstacles that might arise in a particular mining process. As such, it allows the startup businesses to reach & grab the market directly to offer the idea of their new business to the target customers.

·         One of the most lucrative and successful examples of an ECO or ICO presentation has been that of the popular digital token project named “Ethium ETH”. This particular project was able to raise a whopping amount of $18 million through the given ICO presentation (ECO). This amount reached to around $1 billion during the time of 2016.

Availing the Benefits of ICO Presentation

Are you considering investing in a particular ICO to maximize your overall profits? As an individual, you can earn a chance of earning higher profits by investing some lucrative and reliable ICO presentation or service provider. If you are skeptical about the best options available out there, then the leading sites   Crypto Coin Judge and ICO List King are your saviors when it comes to gaining any knowledge about cryptocurrency & ICO. You can look out for specific information about cryptocurrency trading and ICO presentation on these sites which have been helping tons of traders through successful trading.

When it comes to investing in some of the reliable & profitable ICOs, you need to be cautious here as well. Just like any trading industry, even ICO is not scam-proof entirely. There are various fraudulent schemes with respect to ICO investing & trading that might be too hard to detect on your own. There are certain red flags that you can watch out for. Here are some:

·         Unrealistic or Unreal Goals: If a particular ICO presentation or campaign promotes an unreal goal like “we want to be the next Bitcoin”, then this is the first negative signal that you need to look out for. As such, you must ensure that the chosen ICO by you is properly backed by realistic and clear goals.

·         Anonymous Creators: If the particular ICO offering or company doesn’t reveal its founders or developers, then try staying away from the same. Honest companies have nothing to hide, only boast of their unique features & services.

·         Absence of an Escrow Wallet: As an investor, you must make sure that the earned profits come to your account directly. If there is no escrow wallet, then this could be a danger signal with regard to the safety of your money. Therefore, you must look out for services that come with a proper escrow wallet.

·         Absence of Transparency: While dealing with any ICO presentation, you must look out for specific details like contact information, address, signs of work in progress, and many such transparency signals which prove the reliability and authenticity of the given offering. If there is the absence of any of them, then you might consider re-thinking about it.

Picking the Right ICO Campaign

To ensure your success in a given ICO presentation or campaign, you need to be associated with a reliable and legitimate ICO. Therefore, it is important to analyze that you are investing in the right ICO such that you do not end up losing all your investment.

Before investing in any particular ICO, you must know about a few important parameters that can determine its reliability. Here are some:

·         The background of the particular company

·         Product development cycle

·         Plans & ideas for raising crowdfunds

·         The overall team of the given company

·         Offerings issued within a given regulatory framework

·         Tokens backed by proper securities, not utility functions

·         ICOs issued by reliable brokers

Once you are aware of these pointers, you can consider investing in a particular ICO.

Best ICO Service Providers

If there is any additional information or special signs that you need to know about a reliable ICO, then you can look out for the same on Crypto Coin Judge and ICO List King. These are highly reputable and reliable online portals which provide specific information about the different ICO presentations and campaigns out there. If you are doubtful about a particular ICO offering, then you can test its reliability on these sites.

Both Crypto Coin Judge and ICO List King contain valuable information about different ICO campaigns that might help out the traders. In addition to this, you can also get relevant information like latest news & articles, trading guides, reliable & scam trading brokers or platforms, Bitcoin casinos, and so more for your trading success. These sites offer in-depth information about the best trading options available out there for the traders to earn maximum profits. You can compare different trading platforms & ICO campaigns on these sites. This knowledge helps you in taking the rightmost decision with respect to investing in a particular platform.

Choose the best and the most profitable ICO presentation for your success!

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