How Ibinex can Help you with Cryptocurrency Exchange Business with White-Label Solutions

Oct 03, 2018 at 12:26 // PR
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Ibinex is a first-ever exchange platform with a virtual exchange license.

The white-label solutions of Ibinex - a leading New York-based cryptocurrency exchange provider, have simplified the process of starting a new crypto exchange. Ibinex is a first-ever exchange platform with a virtual exchange license. The company meets all the regulatory guidelines to prevent the security risks.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are the website that allows the traders to exchange or trade cryptocurrency for another currency. Owning a cryptocurrency exchange is a complicated and costly process. The high operational time and privately sourcing the crypto liquidity is an expensive affair. One of the advantages of the Ibinex white label software is that the customers need not handle the technicalities of the process. The core components like trade engine, wallet, UI and admin panel all are fully developed and managed by the company's technical experts. Because of this, the clients can easily focus on marketing and their investors. 

The company ensures that the funds of its buyers remain safe all the time and for that, it holds all the high protective standards. Ibinex guarantees that the platform is 24/7 guarded to ensure that the funds are safe and secure in the cold wallets. The company's cybersecurity team works round to clock to maintain a secure ecosystem. The company has a transparent and regulated privacy policy. The company provides a high level of security to the platform to make sure that no any weak links remain to pose a threat to the safety and security of the platform. 

The company provides a user-friendly experience to its buyers and its technical experts from many countries help their customers to personalize the platform to keep their branding intact on the platform and to meet the requirements of complex to simple traders. 

Ibinex has automated KYC/AML which makes the on-boarding really fast. Every exchange requires liquidity in the starting to operate successfully. A full order book and the trading activity on the exchange attracts the investors. As a newcomer, the buyer needs to start his own liquidity, which is a costly and time-consuming process. Ibinex takes care of this problem and provides its clients the access to first tier top of book API bridges from all the leading exchanges. Ibinex is undoubtedly your best option to start your crypto exchange business. 

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