A Groundbreaking Mobile App Elipay to Enable Simple Payments with Crypto for Everyone

Oct 01, 2018 at 14:01 // News
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A pioneer combining the advantages of blockchain technology and AI in the form of a commerce platform,the Eligma company successfully finished its public crowdsale in May.

In 2018, the largest Slovenian shopping mall, BTC City,  announced its plans to become a ‘Genuine Bitcoin City’ and add cryptocurrencies as a means of payment in its shops. To bring this plan to fruition, the Eligma company designed a cryptocurrency transaction system called “Elipay”. In September,  the Elipay mobile app was launched in Slovenia, with the international market to follow.

Taking Advantages of Blockchain and AI in Commerce

A pioneer in combining the advantages of blockchain technology and AI in the form of a commerce platform, the Eligma company successfully finished its public crowdsale in May. Now it is ready to change the online and offline shopping experience by means of cryptocurrencies. 

Designed by the team of developers at Eligma, the Elipay mobile app enables simple payments with cryptocurrencies at online and offline stores and service providers. This is the first mobile app by Eligma and aims to evolve into a unique all-in-one payment and loyalty app.

Simple Bridge Between Merchants and Customers

The Elipay mobile app is already accepted at nearly 140 shops and restaurants in Slovenia, and an international market launch will follow soon. With Elipay, the payment transactions are immediate and the merchants receive the settlement in fiat, which protects them from crypto market risks. There is also no special hardware required for merchants to start using Elipay; it enables integration into into their existing POS or immediate use of the Elipay web POS.

Unlike any other blockchain project, Eligma’s technological solutions are not only crypto community-oriented but aim to create a new-generation commerce experience for EVERYONE. The further expansion of the Elipay app will be capable of integrating all kinds of payment options including traditional credit, debit and loyalty cards.

Eligma aims to make a difference in the world of commerce as a whole. For most companies working with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, the idea of dealing with fiat is probably quite remote but not for Eligma. In the future, the Elipay mobile app will also be able to be used with fiat. Elipay will become an all-in-one mobile app providing shoppers with the ability to carry around their mobile phone only, leaving dozens of banking and loyalty cards, coins and banknotes at home.

Elipay will also offer a universal loyalty program, within which users will be rewarded with Eligma’s native ELI tokens.

“Our ultimate goal is to build a commerce platform that will not only help people buy things faster and more effectively but also help them put the things they no longer need on the market – with safe and user-friendly solutions based on blockchain and AI. The development of Eligma’s solutions like Elipay and Elly took place ahead of the set roadmap,” the Eligma claims.

Adopting Responsible Behaviour Toward Our Planet and Resources

The Eligma company was founded by technology enthusiasts and distinguished international entrepreneurs and is supported by advisors who have served at companies like Google, Apple, Intel, EDG and eBay. It also launched its first product in September as well – called Elly, an AI shopping assistant. It is a one-of-a-kind MVP shopping assistant chatbot, training to help users with personalized product discovery online while always on the lookout for something better for the same price or less.

The Elly chatbot smart product discovery solution, Eligma’s ELI token and the Elipay mobile app will ultimately be part of the Eligma commerce platform with many useful features.

According to Eligma’s official press release, the idea behind the platform is to make used items repay some of one’s initial purchase price and be used by someone else if we no longer need them. It also states:

“This is responsible behaviour toward our planet and resources, and will also help us save precious time by letting technology do most of the work in the process.”

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