Ford to Use Blockchain to Reduce Emissions in European Cities

Oct 31, 2019 at 08:19 // News
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Ford to use blockchain

Ford Motor Company, an American multinational automaker, is planning to extend its plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) test in different zones including Cologne, Italy and other parts of Europe. It will further explore how groundbreaking and advanced geofencing, distributed ledger tech (DLT) and blockchain could be of help in making accurate tracing and upturning the total amount of “green miles” compelled by automobiles.

Keeping Environment Clean  

The research, that is also experimenting with Ford PHEVs in different European countries including the UK and Spain, is targeting the proper analysis and exploration of the practical pros and cons of such automobiles especially to the atmosphere, money-making car owners as well as vehicle manufacturers.

DLT has the potential to generate perpetual time-stamped registers of information that are saved on numerous PC devices and which regularly increases as more and more fresh data or “blocks” are inserted. Geofencing generates a cybernetic environmental periphery demarcated by the global positioning system (GPS) tools.

In Italy and other major cities across the entire European continent, zero-emission regions are now being launched to handle air quality problems by preventing the highly contaminating cars from moving across these areas.

Creating Zero-emission Zones Using Blockchain

Nonetheless, these regions can cause snags both to the areas and towns applying and managing them, and to operators, motorists appreciating the place and time constraints are primed. Therefore, geofencing and DLT model by Ford could be of great importance.

Each and every time a trial automobile arrives a controlled area, its plug-in-drive mode is activated and the discharge-free driving green miles are registered. The discharges mode and period that cars arrive or depart a measured region are documented to a DLT guaranteeing emissions info is securely kept and shared across appropriate parties such as the city administrations and the automobile holders.

The vibrant geofencing tech further implies that the automobiles can adjust in actual spell to variations in emissions regions. Recently, Ford partnered with other giant automakers to create and launch a blockchain-based payment service.

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