Dreams On a Smart Contract

Mar 20, 2018 at 13:36 // News
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Dreams on a smart contract

Who doesn’t dream of eternal life, interstellar or even time travel? Why not, after all, submarines and airplanes used to be no more than a pipe dream, a fantasy, unattainable and bizarre. However, today we take these things for granted.

And just like that, immortality can enter our lives along with augmentation and organ transplants. This is only a question of when, and how fast the technology and science reaches this level. This can happen in a year or ten, or even a hundred. Will we be around to see it? The Eternal Trusts project offers an answer to that question since Eternal Trusts is the first blockchain platform in the world to focus on deferred purchase of products and services yet to arrive on the market.

Figuratively speaking, this platform allows to guarantee the fulfilment of the most fantastic dreams people may have for the far future and beyond. It is perfect for deferred actions and allows to set an algorithm to a number of different services such as cloning, revivification of neuron cells after a cryosleep or chemical stabilization when it becomes available, legal and complies with ethical standards. Such entity is interesting to special discretionary trusts and legal structures aimed at saving client’s assets from any third party claims. The money stored in trust funds can only be spent on the needs and for the purposes preset by the client. The assets stored in trust funds are kept in the safest banks and are managed according to the most reliable long term strategies.

The aim of the project is to have enough funds in the trust account to purchase all the necessary services and products when a client’s wish becomes attainable. Discretionary asset management continues until the algorithm of autonomous goal fulfilment on the basis of an annual analysis of potential contractors declares that the goal set by the client is safely attainable. This is the only case when the services required by the client are purchased. These trusts can exist for hundreds of years and over time seek out the opportunities to execute the necessary actions to attain the goal preset by the client.

The project has become ever more relevant since cloning became technologically viable along with perfect DNA and brain tissue conservation in mammals. With the advent of the blockchain technology and the ICO boom, the natural link between trust funds and biotech has formed. Thanks to the blockchain technology, we can create a fully functional system that will ensure the human factor is not in the way of fulfilling the clients’ goals. In the field of deferred purchase of services that only become available many years in the future, the human element is a serious hindrance in achieving the goal. One day the person you signed the agreement with works in the company, the next day he’s not, and that’s the risk.

At the end of the project the perfect mechanism of relationship will only include the client and the computer, into which he will input the data regarding his goals, dreams and objectives, and lay out a certain algorithm of fulfillment. After a proverbial start button is pushed, the process of achieving that begins automatically and runs autonomously. As soon as the preset technological, legal, technical, ethical, financial, or any other requirements are met, the deal is sealed. Within this framework Eternal Trusts creates an infrastructure that will allow the dream to come true, be it a trip to Mars, or waking up ridiculously wealthy a 1000 years from now.

One of the main advantages of such a trust is that it will likely have enough resources to make absolutely any purchase. This is only a question of time. Eternal Trusts makes this purchase automatic and returns the remaining funds to the client.

With Eternal Trusts infrastructure, any goal is achievable if it’s technically possible to achieve in the timeframe given by the client. Besides, as part of the Presale our bounty program rules outline a set of rewards in ETT tokens for coming up with clear and properly outlined objectives, goals and dreams.

The project is actively developing. 22 March marks the beginning of our Pre-Sale that runs through 30 May. Starting 1 June through 1 August the main ETT token sale will take place. Eternal Trusts is a great project that will be brought into being one way or another.

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