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DIVO gives each user an opportunity to build cooperation in a decentralized ecosystem with a high level of trust due to blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Fashion is a world that combines millions of people and marvelous ideas. And at the era of global digital transformation fashion requires disruptive technologies and convenient working tools.

DIVO is a global platform for cooperation in fashion industry and an ecosystem of decentralized business services for major fashion market players.

DIVO Platform connects users to distributed networks and empowers them to utilize digital services designed specifically for models, influencers, new faces, talents, brands, creators and multi-million army of their followers. 

The purpose of DIVO Platform is to ensure a connection between a classical environment of fashion industry and a new digital economy. DIVO gives each user an opportunity to build cooperation in a decentralized ecosystem with a high level of trust due to blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Divo, Get rich

We, at DIVO, think that blockchain is the best playground for peer to peer collaboration, trust and transparency. DIVO DApp-s and smart services can guarantee fundamental properties of blockchain. 

 The DIVO Platform consists of three key elements that are seamlessly linked with each other, ensuring the system is complete and easy to scale:  DIVO Mobile Application, DIVO Web Application, and a professional Network. 

Divo in fashion

The combination of these three elements forms the infrastructure through which DIVO meets the professional demands of all fashion industry players.  

Disruptive technologies, such as: Face Recognition by Vision Labs, blockchain and smart contracts enables DIVO to develop effective tools for direct business cooperation, create a vault of digital professional reputation and become a safe entry point into the profession for millions of new faces.  


DIVO is a scalable work product with a proven business model based on network growth, technologies and global expansion.  

The fullness of the solution, uniting all market participants, becomes the key component for achieving competitive advantages of DIVO Platform.
All this forms the high value of the Platform, confirmed by the evaluation of international business advisory Baker&Tilly.

Fashion is a global and one of the most challenging business fields, which takes a significant part of world’s economy with a turnover of $ 2.8 trillion per year, but due to a technical lag, it is still almost untouched by global digitization. 

The fundamental digital transformation of the world of fashion has become inevitable. According to State of Fashion 2019 McKinley report «fashion is already seeing a constant stream of innovations, with technology creating new experience to customers» (source: State of Fashion 2019, McKinley) Blockchain technology is dominant worldwide. Top Luxury Brands are focusing on blockchain infrastructure and smart contracts.  

De Beers

De Beers, the worlds biggest diamond producer utilizes Everledger blockchain-based technology to track and verify diamonds.    


French multinational luxury goods conglomerate LMVH, Consensys and the technology behemoth Microsoft Azure recently announced a new platform to verify authenticity of Luxury Goods. The new platform developed by LMVH and Microsoft and is based on Ethereum.  


The French famous publisher L’Officiel is launching a virtual currency and a new platform to compensate consumers for their time and data 


The fashion market has expanded into a multi-billion dollar industry, but smart services, digital assets and cryptocurrencies only at the beginning of its growth story within fashion & luxury. DIVO is a catalyst for the digital transformation of a traditional fashion industry.  

DIVO rethinks the lifestyle and social networking for multi –million fashion& beauty community and unites the whole fashion community by creating a new digital coin: DIVO Token.

DIVO creates a series of new products, powered by smart assets for and around the lifestyle of a multi-million fashion-driven community.  

DIVO Token gives fashion community access to smart services and DApp-s of DIVO Platform.  

Subscription price to DIVO Smart Package is fixed in DIVO Tokens. During the period of the secondary circulation of tokens, DIVO Tokens received as a payment for subscribing to DIVO Smart Package will be withdrawn from the circulation and burned.  

The services of Smart Package will include: 

 Access to Face Recognition search engine 
 Access to Verified Big Data of models, talents and new faces 
 Access  to smart contracts capabilities and tokenization Launchpad
 Access to decentralized applications and crypto assets management tools.  

DIVO will build fundamental value for the DIVO Token by integrating it into DIVO Mob. App. /DIVO Web. App. and leveraging network effect of growing community.  Users will be able to earn DIVO Token by providing value to DIVO’s community through content creation and participating in DIVO’s events and promos.  

Divo Transaction.jpg

Accumulating a large base of models and fashion professionals will allow to control a significant amount of Big Data, which makes it possible to add various services to the monetization portfolio of the DIVO Platform. As the user base of the platform grows, new financial services and services on the platform associated with cryptocurrencies and own tokens will be added. 

DIVO Wallet has the potential to become the world’s most popular cryptocurrency wallet for a huge number of participants in the global ecosystem of the fashion and beauty industry. 

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