Fintech Startup DirectHome to Offer Cash Back and Token Rewards

Apr 30, 2018 at 15:04 // News

Leading real estate service provider DirectHome enables its platform users to buy, sell and rent properties without the need or cost for an agent. The platform is the world's first to offer cash back and rewards to contributors via Tokenomics, thus integrating blockchain technology with real estate transactions. DirectHome has recently increased its profile with the launch of the token generation event for their token DIREC.

The global business is a decentralized, crowd-sourced, transactional platform, designed to provide the complete real estate database while facilitating property transactions between all existing stakeholders. The company are presenting the public with an ecosystem, via the ERC20 blockchain, with smart contract implementation within the tokenomics infrastructure.

What Makes the DirectHomes Token Event Different?

Generally speaking, there are two classes of assets: financial and real. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) and listed property firms both traverse these types of assets since, while they are financial products, they are premised on physical real estate assets. This is typically the extent of the financialization of real estate.

Among asset classes real estate has been particularly slow to take to trends observed elsewhere in fintech. This is usually attributed to the fact that it is heavily regulated, ownership registry-based and a heterogeneous product. Unsurprisingly, a plethora of real estate inspired crypto-currencies have emerged in an unsurprising bid to fill this lacuna.

Token events such as this one purport to use blockchain technology to alter the existing real estate environment. One such improvement, for example, has been the use of smart contracts for leases to even bypassing national land registry ownership regimes through the blockchain network.

The slow reaction to changes from fintech, meanwhile, may be more than understandable. DirectHomes’ disruption of the real estate environment is prudent and practically useful.

Individuals who want to participate in real-estate related token events will discover that DirectHome offers some unique possibilities not possessed by any other real estate TGE’s.        

The DirectHome Platform 

DirectHome’s platform has already transacted more than $350 million in property value.

After the current DirectHome website has been integrated with blockchain technology users will then be adopting the native Direct tokens developed by the platform. The crowdsource contributory platform also rewards its contributors whenever value adding real estate data is uploaded. Combined with the community and public contributions this supercharges the growth of the platform on a global level, transparent to all stakeholders.

The Direct Home Token Event 

The DirectHome platform is the first of its kind to integrate the decentralized digital currency world into the real estate sector with the launch of the ICO, with a soft cap of 3,000,000 USD. The token sale will end on 15th July 2018. The generated fund will be used for several different purposes including IT Developments, marketing and sales, operations and administration, international expansion, development fund, and the bug bounty program.

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