Deutsche Bundesbank & Deutsche Börse Working On Blockchain Prototype

Nov 29, 2016 at 09:42 // Blockchain
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The German Federal Bank (Deutsche Bundesbank) and Deutsche Börse, one of the world's leading marketplace organizers for the trading of shares and other securities, have jointly presented a functional prototype for the Blockchain-based settlement of securities.

According to the official press release, this prototype is designed to provide the technical functionality for the settlement of securities in delivery-versus-payment mode for centrally-issued digital coins, as well is capable of settling basic corporate actions such as coupon payments on securities and the redemption of maturing securities.

Carl-Ludwig Thiele, Member of the Deutsche Bundesbank's Executive Board commented:

"With the blockchain prototype, the Deutsche Bundesbank and Deutsche Börse want to work together to find out whether this technology can be used for financial transactions, and if so, how this can be achieved. The Deutsche Bundesbank hopes that this prototype will contribute to a better practical understanding of blockchain technology in order to assess its potential.” 

The prototype is now a conceptual study, but both Deutsche Börse and the Deutsche Bundesbank plan to work on improving the prototype and drawing up a test concept in the next few months. Then this product will be used to analyse the technical performance and the scalability of this kind of blockchain-based application.

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