Decentralised Marketplace And Content Sharing Platform ImmVRse are Poised To Disrupt The VR Industry

Jan 30, 2018 at 12:05 // News
ImmVRse are poised to disrupt the VR industry

Virtual reality (VR) has taken off as one of the most popular and innovative technologies of the last 10 years and will have an even bigger part to play in people’s lives over the next decade. Recent Goldman Sachs statistics suggest that VR revenue has the capability to reach something close to $110 billion by 2025.  The groundbreaking new technology is already becoming implemented into the medical, gaming, manufacturing and educational sectors where sizable investments have been made in both hardware and software.

VR content creation is limited only by current technology, which is constantly becoming more and more advanced. With the ever-increasing demand for premium quality VR content, ImmVRse will offer its platform to help the continuous advancement of PR technology across multiple industries.   

ImmVRse is a decentralised VR content sharing platform that will aim to offer creators of the content, VR brands and advertisers a chance to get their product or service out into the public space. The ImmVRse app will work as a marketplace and also a conventional distribution platform. The platform will have its very own native currency, the ImmVRse token (IMV), which will be used as the form of payment between all parties within the ecosystem.

Most current platforms are dominated by 180/2D content creators who aren’t developing content as much as they could be; however ImmVRse will provide an ecosystem in which VR content creators can build their content on a dedicated platform, whilst offering jobs at the same time.

All ImmVRse ecosystem transactions will be validated and encrypted using Ethereum’s smart contract function, which should remove the need for a trusted third party or financial controllers. Brands will be able to hire content creators and pay for their services using the token, and advertisers will also be able to run their own advertisements on the platform.


The idea, like most decentralized platforms, is to shift power away from the companies and towards the users or community. This strategy removes the need for centralized decision-making and thirds parties in the process. ImmVRse  job hiring and creation processes will also be p2p through the use of smart contracts. The contract will later be deployed on the blockchain and payments will be processed based on mutually agreed deadlines between all parties.

ImmVRse promises zero transaction fees, in addition to having no requirements for bank accounts or restrictions for users. Users can implement tokens in a few seconds to both send and receive global payments while cutting out transaction fees and third-party money transfers. The possibility should offer new options to content creators in various countries in which people are currently restricted by local and national legislation.  

The ImmVRse team consists of highly talented and knowledgeable members and advisors who are experienced in both managing large-scale multi-million dollar projects, marketing, infrastructure development, process specialisation, human resources and blockchain disciplines.

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