DASH Price Continues Growing Sharply

Aug 14, 2016 at 14:22 // Price

After a brief sideways trend during the middle of the week, DASH moved into an uptrend again. In this 100-day rally, DASH is breaking all the records. For investors, it's time to pay attention to this cryptocurrency and assess its capabilities.

DASH becomes more and more popular among cryptocurrency users. The benefits of this coin are attracting a growing number of buyers, which is seen in the growth trend. This week however, DASH moved in a sideways trend, and by the end of the week, its price jumped to a maximum of $12.11.

DASH /USD exchange rates for last 7 days:

DASH /USD exchange rates for last 7 days

In the list of top cryptocurrencies on CoinGecko, DASH holds 6th place. But due to such DASHcoin growth rates, it will soon enter the top five. The main features that make this coin popular are:

- The market value of DASH is constantly growing;
- The service of InstantX transaction in a Blockchain that makes DASH transfers very quick;
- The Darksend technology makes transactions anonymous, thus it is impossible to track participants;
- Also, DASH is available to buy or sell on 30 cryptocurrency markets.

DASH/USD exchange rates for last 60 days:

DASH/USD exchange rates for last 60 days

But as we know, there is no absolutely perfect financial instrument. And DASH is no exception.  Multiday growth must stop one day. Sooner or later it will be overbought, and then the inevitable wave of sales starts.

Next week, we expect DASH trading in the corridor $11.50-$12.50. It is currently $10.47. Level of support is $10.0. Resistance level is $12.0. 

This analysis and forecast are the personal opinions of the author and are not a recommendation to buy or sell cryptocurrency.

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