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The gambling industry has been completely remodeled

The world has entered the era of supreme technological advancements. The gambling industry has been completely remodeled due to major advancements in technology, with tech like blockchain and cryptocurrency igniting the rise of online casinos.

These online casinos are the pinnacle of evolution in the gambling industry and are home to hundreds and thousands of online gamblers. These online casinos provide gamblers with the huge advantage of gambling from one’s home- eliminating the tedious task of being present a physical location to gamble.  A huge number of online casinos now exist on the internet, but many of these online casinos are not properly equipped to completely satiate the demands of online gamblers. As a result, many gamblers are left with a poor opinion of what gambling sites can offer. The elite gambling site, CryptoGames comes as a savior in this horrendous situation as it possesses all the services required to completely satisfy the high standards of ardent gamblers.

CryptoGames is an online crypto casino that is widely renowned for its extraordinarily good services and admirable attributes all over the internet. Owned and operated by MuchGaming B.V., a Curacao based company, the gambling site is licensed and is under complete regulation of the Curacao government. This casino is extremely beloved in the gambling community due to its dedication in providing top notch entertainment to its fabulous community of users. The users of the casino are thoroughly satisfied with the services of the casino and have complete faith on the casino’s promise to always provide quality entertainment and maintain its high standard in the gambling world.

Browse Comfortably Through the Spectacularly Simple CryptoGames Interface

CryptoGames has created a stunning user interface that has a very neat outlook. The user friendly platform is devoid of any unnecessary designs so gamblers can devote their maximum focus on the games. This neat interface possesses all the features required for smooth browsing and operability. There is an active chat box which users utilise to communicate with each other. The interface is built in such a way that even first time visitors on the site will browse through it with ease.

Users of CryptoGames enjoy super smooth game play that uplifts their complete gambling experience. Users can also play the games from devices with lower specifications due to the super light interface. The user can view the betting history on the screen right beside the game he is currently playing, without having to go on different window. The settings located at the top right, under “Your Account” can be used to personalize the user account for instance changing the theme. There is a dazzling “Dark Mode” feature which is accessed by pressing the “moon shaped” icon.  FAQ, Chat Rules and Support Link can be found at the bottom of the page. 

Play eight exhilarating games that mesmerize ardent gamblers all over the internet

The elite casino CryptoGames offers 8 of the most entertaining games available in the online crypto gambling world. These games are designed to satiate both veteran and novice gamblers. Many of these games were created long before the birth of online casinos and were favorites of many devoted gamblers. CryptoGames has also provided detailed guides alongside the games, as the casino wants its users to master the games as soon as possible.  Moreover, the casino has no intentions of bombarding its users with hundreds of games and ruin gambler’s focus, which is why the number of games in the gambling site is eight.  Below is a detailed list of all the games-


Dice is a superbly popular game because of its simple set of rules and high winning rate due to low house edge at CryptoGames. This magnificent game is extremely easy to master but produces fierce competition between gamblers. The game has a wide range of probable outcomes that range from 0.000 to 99.999. The game requires a number to be determined before the dice is rolled and players are required to predict if the roll of the dice will produce a larger or smaller number than the aforementioned number. The player who correctly estimates the outcome ultimately becomes the victor. CryptoGames allows players to make use of keyboard shortcuts to roll the dice. The “Auto Bet” option allows players to tweak the settings according to their preferences and the bets are made accordingly.  At the moment, a maximum profit of 6 BTC can be made in one single bitcoin dice bet. The greater risk a player takes the higher amount of profit he will get in this game of luck and nerve.


Slot is one of the most popular casino games in the world. This game of chance is widely acclaimed because of the immense satisfaction it gives to gamblers who play it. The game has a few simple rules: it is to be played on five reels that spin back and forth before stopping. A pay out is claimed if five of the chosen symbols from the payout table line up in the middle of the slot. At the moment, only single line horizontal matching is offered by CryptoGames, which reduces the difficulty level and gives players a better payout. A maximum jackpot of 6 BTC through one single bet can be claimed in a game of bitcoin slot.


The French word “Roulette” means “little wheel”. Here, gamblers place bets on either a single number, different groupings of numbers , odd or even numbers, or if the numbers are high (19–36) or low (1–18). Players can also bet on the colours red and black. CryptoGames offers a European version of Roulette in contrast to the American one. This has the same payout table like the American version, but the house edge is halved by the presence of a single zero that is present on the 37-number wheel. After all bets are placed, the wheel is spun by pressing the “spin” button and players are paid according to the payout table.  This game of luck and endurance is beloved amongst cunning gamblers who want to test their wit against other gamblers.


Blackjack is a world famous game that comes from the same group of games that also contains Pontoon and Vingt-et-Un. Here, one or more players and a dealer compare their cards and the players attempt to gain a hand that has points that are closer to 21 than what the banker has. CryptoGames provides a neat table interface to play against the house that is devoid of distractions and unnecessary designs so that users can commit their complete focus on the game. There are also options to Surrender, Double Down and Split. There are a total of 4 decks which are shuffled after each hand. When a player hits the Blackjack, he is paid at a ratio of 6:5 and is also paid for split hands.


Lotto originates from the ancient game of Lottery where people try their luck by purchasing tickets. These tickets are then used to decide the winner who usually pockets huge profits. CryptoGames’s platform has a “Buy Tickets” tab that can be used to buy tickets. The tab also has vital information such as the total number of tickets that user currently owns along with the probability of winning. Information such as the time remaining for the round and the rewards for different positions and total number of tickets purchased can be seen in the main interface. The casino holds draws every Saturday and Wednesday, where three winners are announced and they are rewarded with all of the ticket revenue. 


Plinko is a game that is offered in few online casinos. However users of CryptoGames love this delightful game. The game requires a bet amount to be fixed and gamblers have to select the colour of the ball they wish to drop. After this is done, the “Play” button is pressed and the ball drops from the top of a pyramid to the bottom. The bottom of the pyramid shows the payout each player will receive after the ball drops. This game is a favourite amongst fun loving users of CryptoGames.

Video Poker

Video Poker is played on a computerized console that resembles a slot machine. CryptoGames offers three versions of this exhilarating game which are respectively known as Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, and Bonus Poker. The variants of the game can be easily switched using options available in the top left corner of the game board. Players are rewarded according to a payout table and in the event of a Royal Flush, a payout multiplier of 500 will be applied! The lucky player will then claim a maximum of 6 BTC through one single bet!


The game known as Minesweeper had immense popularity from the very beginning of the internet era. This game has a playing field where players click on as numerous boxes and try to avoid collision with mines. CryptoGames only accepts bets that have a profit that is less than 6 BTC (maximum win per bet), therefore if a player wins a reward that exceeds the 6 BTC mark, additional fields will become inaccessible for that player.

Compete Against Other Cunning Gamblers in the Monthly Wagering Contests

CryptoGames always encourages healthy competition as it strengthens the bonds in the user base.  This is why the online casino holds monthly wagering contests. These wagering contests act as a battleground between all the devoted gamblers of the casino. Here, veterans and novices will engage in cunning combat against each other in a bid to claim the ultimate prize! Victors of these contests are applauded as champions of the month and are granted lots of remunerative gifts. They are assigned VIP tags which grant them exclusive access to site wide privileges! The tags will be there for until the next tournament, providing the champions with ample time to relish the rewards of their victory. The following is a list of the rewards presented to winners which may be subject to future change: 

  • BitcoinCash: Top players are awarded a total of 5 prizes that sum up to 18.5 BCH.

  • Bitcoin: Top 10 players on the leaderboard win a total of 3.84 and 828 lotto tickets which is distributed according to their position.

  • Dash: Top 5 players on the leaderboard are given a total of 18.50 DASH.

  • Dogecoin:  Top 5 players on the leaderboard win a total of 975,000.00 DOGE and 320 lotto tickets 

  • Ethereumclassic:  Top 5 players on the leaderboard win a total of 185.00 ETC which is later distributed among them based on their position.

  • Ethereum: Top 10 players on the leaderboard win a total of 21.80 ETH and 828 lotto tickets

  • NeoGas: Top 10 players on the leaderboard win a total of 290.00 GAS 

  • Litecoin:  Top 10 players on the leaderboard win a total of 42.50 LTC total bonuses and 790 lotto tickets 

  • Stratis: Top 5 players on the leaderboard win a total of 1,155.00 STRAT 

  • Monero - 23.30 XMR total bonuses distributed among the top 5 players on the leaderboard.


Support is There to Assist You Whenever Needed

The elite casino CryptoGames does not only operate for profits, it cares deeply about the wellbeing of its userbase. The casino has adapted a plethora of features in order to ensure responsible and ethical gambling. Sometimes players feel they spend too much time on gambling, this is when the “Self-Exclude” option can be utilised to provide a respite from gambling. Support is always ready to be contacted in case of queries, suggestions and emergencies. Support can also be reached directly through the chat box which acts as a live support. They can also be contacted through email and users will be answered within an hour most of the time. The announcement thread of the bitcointalk forum can also be used to reach support.

Realize Your Ultimate Potential with CryptoGames  

CryptoGames is an elite online casino that has all the tools required to help it maintain a dominating position in the world of gambling. It has games that always manage to entertain and amaze gamblers. It hosts monthly wagering contests that maintain a competitive atmosphere in the casino. The site provides reliable support who will always be present in times of need. The casino has gained the love and admiration of its peers through its dedication to provide top quality gambling services. It has made promises to always maintain the rich quality of its services and it will always strive to provide complete satisfaction for its gamblers. This casino not only provides fun and entertainment but also helps a gambler develop his potential. Give CryptoGames a try!

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