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Jul 22, 2021 at 08:15 // News
Guest Author is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchangers

The decentralized nature of the cryptocurrency ecosystem makes it extremely difficult for newbies in the system to purchase or sell their assets.

Being bombarded by a myriad of cryptocurrency exchanges and markets - each offering different prices and claiming to be the best there is to offer - further increases the headache of an amateur trader. The confusion leads to traders purchasing assets at higher prices than the market, sell them for lower prices than the market, and often find themselves paying extravagant fees on underperforming platforms., one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchangers, provides a solution to these problems via its fully detailed and easy-to-use platform featuring comparison tables of over 250+ exchangers and various financial assets such as cryptocurrencies and e-currencies.

Having celebrated its 14th anniversary this June, has grown into a fully-fledged exchange platform offering a directory of diligently selected, trusted, and reliable crypto exchangers to newbie traders.

Additionally, the platform ranks the exchangers according to the best prices, lowest fees, and usability to improve the user experience. Other metrics used to rank the exchangers include liquidity depth, ease of verification, and other unique features. Now, you can find the best exchangers to buy, sell and convert Bitcoin to USD or PayPal USD to Bitcoin at the best prices available in the market. 

A golden era of

Launched in 2007, earlier than Bitcoin itself, BestChange ranks as one of the oldest and most reliable platforms to check the best asset price conversions. The exchanger monitor offers users an alternative way to purchase cryptocurrencies and e-currencies - ranking the best exchangers and P2P platforms as well.

With a sea of exchangers available today in the market, BestChange is the solution to which ones offer the best services, prices, liquidity, and assets. Key to its success is the focus on adding only the best, highly diligent, trustworthy, and secure exchanges on its platform.

The exchanger monitor is enjoying its golden era as the best available monitor in the market today due to its huge catalog of exchangers and assets available. 

Perks of Using

As new exchanger monitors come up every day, none is yet to match the quality and efficiency of In the past 14 years, the monitor has honed its unique propositions to great effect offering unique advantages to its users and visitors. 

Below are some of the advantages that offers its users:

  • A wide selection of exchangers and assets: The exchange platform offers a directory of over 250 different exchangers that compares quality, fees, cost, assets, and trading efficiency.

  • An alternative double exchange route: offers users a double exchange route if a currency pair is unavailable at an exchanger. Here, users go through a two-step process to convert one e-currency to another e.g. if you want to exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to Ethereum (ETH) but the pair is available on a selected exchanger, you can convert Bitcoin (BTC) to VISA cash and then convert VISA cash to Ethereum (ETH). 

  • Calculator: The platform also allows you to directly compare the fees, verification fees, and asset prices between exchanges to have the exact figure each exchange would charge to buy or sell an asset.

A clear path for newcomers in the field

Having been in the industry for so long, BestChange developers have specifically designed the platform to benefit new traders and investors in cryptocurrencies and e-currencies - offering them a unique and user-friendly platform to check the best conversion prices.

As alluded to, the exchange aims at solving the challenges new traders and investors find when entering the crypto industry. Simple issues like crypto-to-crypto, fiat-to-crypto, e-currencies-to-crypto, converting digital currencies like PayPal USD to cash, and conversion of international remittances such as Western Union to liquid cash will no longer be a problem to newcomers in the field.

Additionally, users will be able to pinpoint the exchangers that pry on users’ ignorance to charge them exorbitant fees on trading, those with low liquidity and high fees. With BestChange, you can make a clear comparison on quality exchangers hence making it easier to decide which exchanger is best for you.

As the exchange platform celebrates its 14th anniversary, the team stated they will continue to offer diligently picked exchangers using relevant and reliable information to keep their users ahead of the game. 

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