Cryptocurrency Mining Company Donates Its Computing Power to Coronavirus Research

Mar 23, 2020 at 09:45 // News
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Mining company gives its computers to explore coronavirus

The biggest ethereum mining company in the US has donated all its computing power to COVID-19 research. The company is said to have diverted all its ASICS which used to mint 28 Ethers daily for the research to find a cure and a vaccine against the COVID-19.

The hashing power from the firm called CoreWeave was given towards a Stanford University’s initiative to try to use available resources to advance the research on the coronavirus. The University’s approach uses pharmaceutical drugs connecting thousands of computers globally in one network.

With the latest computing power donation, the initiative now has twice the computing power it deployed before. At the same time, many medical groups and tech companies are working hard to find a cure for the COVID-19 Strain. Among the notable firms investing in the research to find the vaccine is IBM and Microsoft.

Cryptocurrency community unites against coronavirus

Stanford University is said to have led a successful frontline in the fight against HIV by using powerful computers to develop a defensive drug. Researchers believe that the university may be successful in finding a vaccine or suppressive drug for the coronavirus. The raise towards the COVID-19 vaccine seems to be nearer than the world thought before.

Meanwhile, the entire industry has suffered significantly during this pandemic. Many blockchain and cryptocurrency events have been cancelled to halt the disease spread. And still, during the Ethereum Community Conference in Paris, there have been at least six people with detected COVID-19.  

Therefore, attempts of the community to help seem only natural., a world blockchain news outlet, has previously reported on the group of anonymous enthusiasts that decided to join forces in developing a vaccine against coronavirus. The group called CoroHope has been trying to crowdsource cryptocurrency for funding their research.

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