Is It Possible to Conduct Commission-Free Cryptocurrency Trading?

Feb 02, 2020 at 10:12 // News
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Is it possible to conduct commission-free cryptocurrency trading?

As the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry keeps on becoming more competitive day in day out, players in the industry tend to come up with more friendly and cheap programs so they can maintain and attract other customers to consume their digital products.

For instance, as we talk now, it is possible to trade on digital currencies without the charge of any commission. This innovative development will make it convenient for millions of retail investors to access one of the most important classes of global scale, since before this decision, digital assets were one of the most expensive asset classes to trade via most exchanges with very expensive commissions. 

Some cryptocurrency exchanges want to create the easiest and most convenient place for investors who want to sell and buy digital currencies including Bitcoin and other assets, while remaining true to one of the fundamental characteristics of digital currencies: financial sovereignty over other potential competitors.

Making Transactions Cheaper than Ever Before

Users are now able to transfer their digital assets to their private wallets, send funds to any virtual identity, anywhere, instantaneously and without commissions. At the same time, they can use them as a payment method or for exchange.

Very soon, the cryptocurrency community shall start seeing many operators from different parts of the world offering commission-free trading, and customers will be able to trade directly between supported assets, without any of the limitations and "couplings" that often force forced choices and create unnecessary ancillary costs. 

Also, the exchanges will add the ability to withdraw, to the platform – especially companies registering an average of 7,000 new accounts per day. Furthermore, the convenience of being able to withdraw cash or exchange Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency immediately through conventional debit cards is certainly an element that attracts a lot of customers thanks to the new version of the blockchain-based applications that will be developed in the near future. 

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