CoinMetro lands its own Trading License in Estonia

May 23, 2018 at 11:47 // News

One-stop cryptocurrency exchange platform, CoinMetro, has announced its operational capabilities in Estonia, following the acquisition of a trading license in the northern European country.

The exchange platform is now set, as a game changer in the emerging cryptocurrency industry, whose unprecedented goals is a unique solution that will deliver global crypto services on a hassle-free platform. The license has opened new doors for CoinMetro, enabling the platform to deliver optimized services to a wider network of users.

Users will be able to enjoy safe and secure trading exchange of cryptocurrencies and fiat. The opportunities afforded to users will also allow them utilize their credit card in purchasing cryptocurrencies or cashing out cryptocurrencies for fiat, making CoinMetro a one-stop ecosystem for all the crypto community trading needs.

Estonia, the Cryptocurrency Paradise

Estonia has made tremendous strides in the world of cryptocurrency, by bootstrapping itself right into the heart of revolutionary projects leveraging blockchain technology and helping to nurture these projects through encouraging regulatory policies. The small country's bold move is in stark contrast to how most countries handle the new market.  
Already, this friendly approach has attracted several blockchain startups to this amiable atmosphere, enabling them to develop and offer cutting-edge solutions for the exchange, transfer, and settlement of values. CoinMetro is one such benefactor of the country’s  forward-thinking policies and has now fully integrated its services there.

CoinMetro exchange platform will deliver transparency and secure crypto services to the public in compliance with  regulations. By acquiring the license required to govern its operations, CoinMetro is not only future-proofing its development, but also creating the perfect environment to foster the growth and secure the future of this emerging industry. 


The CoinMetro platform

Utilising blockchain technology for truly decentralized service delivery, CoinMetro will be a marketplace accessible to anybody from anywhere in the world, wanting to trade in cryptocurrencies. 

CoinMetro services will be inclusive of  all kinds of cryptocurrency services tailored to appeal to a wide range of users scattered across the globe. These services offers a variety of benefits to users such as the Tokenized Asset Management (TAM) and ETFs.  The platform will also provide crypto debit cards and e-wallets. E-wallets are fully encrypted with private keys that can either be secured for users or by the users. Users will be able to store, trade or transfer whenever and however they wish instantaneously. They can also spend their digital assets as easily as using the traditional debit card.

CoinMetro is primed to assist other startups in launching their token offering through its comprehensive solutions assisting them with KYC verification, token sale process, exchange listing and distribution. The unique benefits of CoinMetro will enable decentralized platforms developers to focus on channeling their innovative ideas into a blockchained reality. CoinMetro’s Estonia trading license is paving the way for the forthcoming platform full-blown functionality set to revolutionize crypto exchange and usher in financial institutions, at both individual and professional levels, into the industry.

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