All-In-One Crypto Solutions Startup CoinMetro’s TGE Raises $15 Million. Extends Event Time Until 31st March, 2018

Mar 31, 2018 at 08:19 // News
CoinMetro extends TGE time

Disruptive practices are the thing in 2018. Technology and public awareness are making dents in traditional working methodologies recently. For the few years, Blockchain technology based organizations are capitalizing on the decentralized ledger’s unique properties to give the same services as regular organizations, but at a much faster, sleeker, efficient and secure manner.

One of the major issues that rises is that these decentralized platforms are sometimes not aligned with rules and regulations that cover their work field. This creates a friction and in the end, it is the user that suffers.

CoinMetro, Befriending Authorities

CoinMetro is a regulatory friendly financial services platform that has already raised more than $15,000,000 through investors and backers. The team has experiences in financial disruptive practices: Their previous project, FXPIG, is a fiat financial institution that has made a huge impact in their field by putting the concern of its clients first. The key to their success was compliance with regulations and laws, while offering cheap, low commission services to their clients.

The same ideology has been used in CoinMetro. A complete cryptocurrency solutions provider, it caters to every kind of person by offering a wide range of services for individuals, organizations and other startups.

Like its sister, FXPIG, CoinMetro is striving for regulation compliance in its operation. It has registered for an eMoney license in Georgia, allowing the payment services side of the platform to deal in fiat with countries outside of EU. The team has recently opened its Estonia department, applying for crucial licenses to allow crypto and fiat payment acceptance in multi jurisdictions around the world, giving credit card, SWIFT, SEPA and external wallet systems for EU residents.

CoinMetro’s Metropolis

CoinMetro believes that mass adoption of cryptocurrencies is possible only users are given a wide range of services from a single poit. To this, they offer:

  • Multi Currency Wallets: Allowing fiat and cryptos to be stored in a single wallet.

  • Debit Cards: Users can now spend their crypto funds just like regular fiat in everyday life.

  • Token Lending: Passive income from loaning out crypto funds for interest.

  • Atomic Swaps: Instant exchange of tokens with another user.

  • Crypto Exchange: A complete trading platform for serious investors.

  • Tokenized Asset Management: Expert portfolio managers help in diversifying investment.

  • ETCF Board: Automated crypto investing.

  • TGE Services: A complete turn key solution to launch a token, whitelisting, distribution and listing on exchange.

XCM and Successful TGE

The XCM, an ERC20 standard token that powers the CoinMetro platform, is currently undergoing its TGE. the successful and increased demand for the token has led to an extension in the deadline to 31st March, 2018.

XCM is being sold for $0.15 at the moment and carries a 25% bonus. XCM’s sale has been a great success and so far has raised nearly $15,000,000. With more than 126,377,000 XCM sold, the platform is offering an 11% Token Buy Back Program Reserve.

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