To Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Bitcoin, Quantitative Trading Super League (Asia Pacific Division) Is Coming on Dec 20th

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Quantitative Trading Super League

1. Preface

2018 is an important year for digital asset industry and the 10th anniversary of the Bitcoin white paper. After experiencing the ups and downs of digital assets, the wax and wane of various facilities and applications, the blockchain industry has been reshuffled, and the focus has gradually shifted from infrastructure and technology to trading and finance. The current prolonged and unpredictable bear market has brought more attention to the management of digital assets. Quantitative trading becomes a necessity for asset management.

As basic asset of the digital world, bitcoin has always been the center of attention and the core of asset transactions. In order to sort out the digital asset market, improve the digital asset management, standardize the trading behavior, select excellent technical teams, and provide an integration platform covering interaction, exchange and skill learning for the healthy and stable development of digital asset spot trading, futures trading and option trading, Consensus Lab hereby holds the "Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Bitcoin -- Quantitative Trading Super League (Asia Pacific Division)" on Dec. 20.

We adapt to the market

Choose top trading teams

Use the oars of qualitative financial strategies

Board the ship of digital assets trading trends

Here at the start of crypto winter, the participating teams will embark on a journey of dreams!

2. Competition Highlights

Top quantitative teams

Professional evaluation committee make up of 15 foundations with more than $10 billion asset under management

Jointly held by a number of top funds

Exposure to 50 million audiences

Prize: RMB 200 million capital management fund + one-stop incubation by the co-organizers of the competition

3. Timetable

Application deadline: Dec. 10, 2018

Collecting participation fees, team formalities, API read-only interface: Dec. 15, 2018

Opening ceremony (online release conference): 8:00pm, Dec. 18, 2018

Competition period: 30 days in total (12:00am, Dec. 20, 2018 - 12:00am, Jan. 19, 2019)

Award ceremony: Jan. 20, 2019 (venue: Singapore)

4. Competition Prize

We have prepared RMB 200 million escrow fund for winning teams!

First Prize: 1 team, certificate & trophy + escrow fund + priority incubation investment

Second Prize: 2 teams, certificate & trophy + escrow fund + incubation investment

Third Prize: 3 teams, certificate & trophy + escrow fund + incubation investment

Prize for Excellent Risk Management: 2 teams, certificate & trophy + incubation investment

(The winning teams will be selected by the evaluation committee)

5. Competitors

Institutions with quantitative trading capabilities

Individuals with quantitative trading strategy development experience

Academic researchers related to quantitative trading of digital assets

6. Application Information

Deadline:       Dec. 10, 2018

Method:          1) Through strategic cooperative investment institutions;

2) Recommended by members of the evaluation committee;

3) Through the organizing unit: Vicky, 13693157159 (same for WeChat)

7. Sponsor

Consensus Lab is a professional investment institution initiated by Fred Wang, the founder of Mars Finance, and jointly established with many well-known figures and outstanding practitioners in the blockchain industry. Businesses cover investment, incubation, asset management and industry research of blockchain industry, focusing on the core technology of blockchain, the token economy of natural ecosystem and infrastructure in asset circulation, etc., paying close attention to projects of foreign teams and projects related to well-known technology enterprises and listed companies.

8. Co-Sponsors

Tokenmania Asset Management Corporation

TAMC is a world-leading crypto asset management group with over 40,000 BTC (over $300 million) of proprietary capital under management. It was founded by a group of seasoned crypto asset investors and traders. Its trading team contributes more than 3% of the trading volume in global cryptocurrency trading markets.

TAMC’s quantitative trading strategies enable it to preserve and grow crypto assets in over 150 cryptocurrencies. It offers one-stop crypto asset management solutions to institutions and accredited investors.


SOBBEE.COM -- a professional digital asset management platform established by an elite team. It manages and adds value to mainstream digital assets, constructs service ecosystems covering funds financing, revenue wallet, pledge loan, trust life, digital insurance and much more, and provides users with one-stop digital asset management solution via the thorough trading strategy management system and strict risk control and safety management system.

CollinStar Capital

Founded in 2015, CollinStar Capital is an asset management company with a full set of Australian financial service licenses, specializing in blockchain infrastructure construction, digital asset investment and information. It has invested in early bitcoin, ethereum and other digital assets, as well as heavy asset projects such as blockchain infrastructure construction and cloud computing center.


FutureMoney is a world-leading blockchain investment research institution. It owns industrial research institute, blockchain equity investment fund, digital asset investment fund, digital asset quantitative strategy fund and so on. With value investment as the core, it has built a unique investment strategy, realized all-weather investment management, and firmly promoted the update of blockchain technology and the application implementation.


TopFund is one of the largest digital asset funds in Asia, with more than 30,000 BTC funds under management at present. TopFund is a powerful secondary asset management group. Through MOM mode, it has deployed dozens of secondary quantization teams with different strategies and risk types. TopFund has also invested in dozens of blockchain projects, including RSK and, focusing on investment in startup projects such as underlying protocols and infrastructure in the blockchain field. TopFund provides professional and full life cycle investment banking services for the projects it invests in. It is a comprehensive and global blockchain fund mainly based on secondary asset management.

Chain Capital

Chain Capital, founded in 2017, is a new digital fund, focusing on high-quality blockchain head project investment and professional digital asset management. It devotes itself to combining traditional financial wisdom with new technology application of blockchain, and creating a batch of world-class classic investment projects through mining, incubating and resource management. The core team have many successful investment cases in blockchain.


BlockTop is a world-leading full-stack crypto asset financial service provider. It is committed to actively creating industry influence and achieving steady value growth for global customers. Its services cover liquidity management, asset management, index products, quantitative strategy and other services. It has the strongest financial product design ability in the industry and maintains the leading position in the digital asset market by virtue of its innovative and flexible product design ability. It continues to pioneer in the field of customized index, passive digital asset allocation products and others. Its international team with "finance + technology" background has professional experience in finance, technology, Internet and blockchain. The team consists of several successful serial entrepreneurs and members from BridgeWater, PwC, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, CITIC Group, Stanford, MIT and other backgrounds.

9. Competition System

This competition is a firm offer trading competition of the digital asset BTC with BTC as the standard currency. The minimum fund for starting the competition is 10 BTC, and there is no upper limit. Participants are responsible for their own trading, profits and losses, and all tradings must comply with the trading rules of the competition and relevant national regulations. The accounts of participating teams shall be newly-opened. (If the account is not newly-opened, please consult the sponsor of the competition.)

Each team can put API of 2 accounts at the same time into the competition, and each account shall have at least 5 BTC as initial fund. The 2 accounts will be counted together as one on the ranking list;

During the competition, no fund is allowed to be invested in or withdraw from the participating accounts, and once found, the participant will be disqualified;

This competition has no grouping, and accepts futures, spot and options trading with no limit to the transaction frequency;

Co-operating exchanges: BitMEX, Bitfinex, OKEx, BHEX、JEX. For other exchanges, please consult the sponsor.

Only indicator for ranking: rate of return;

The two teams who win Prize for Excellent Risk Management shall be selected by the evaluation committee.

Scoring criteria of each indicator: relative performance of the participating teams in all teams, not the absolute value;

24-hour system for comprehensive ranking: every day from 12:00am to 12:00am the next day with real-time update of each index;

The competition will start at 12:00am on Dec. 20, 2018 and close at 12:00am on Jan. 19, 2019. The ranking will be based on the performance at the finish time;

Any competitor who is assessed by the evaluation committee to have committed fraud shall be disqualified from the competition;

For other details, please consult the sponsor, and the interpretation right of Super League belongs to Consensus Lab.

10. Detailed Rules

1. The participating teams shall disclose their account information, including position holding information and transaction information, to the organizer of the contest for the convenience of the organizer's supervision and evaluation.

2. The participating teams shall abide by the trading rules of the trading platform. If not, they will be disqualified from the competition.

3. The participating teams need to develop quantitative strategies for programmatic trading by themselves.

4. For the convenience of performance evaluation, one team shall correspond to one trading account. Multiple teams from the same organization are allowed to register.

5. The transaction fee and rate generated by the transaction shall be determined by the corresponding trading platform.

6. In the event of any abnormal transaction in which competitors attempt to obtain excess profits by improper means, the organizer shall have the right to disqualify them after the confirmation of the competition evaluation committee.

7. Participants who take the initiative to withdraw from the competition shall apply to the organizer, and their performance will be invalid at the time of withdrawal.

8. At the end of the competition, the participating accounts with the net accumulated value less than 1.0BTC per unit shall not participate in any award assessment. While the accounts with the net accumulated value of more than or equal to 1.5BTC per unit can apply for the certificate of "Performance Appraisal".

9. The competition will start at 12:00am on Dec. 20, 2018 and close at 12:00am on Jan. 19, 2019. The ranking will be based on the performance at the finish time.

10. After registration, participants' performance will be counted from the trading day when they hold positions or have transactions, and their scores shall be included in the ranking. Participants who sign up only but do not hold positions or trade shall not be included in the ranking.

11. In order to ensure the fairness of the competition results, the trading and competition results of the participants shall be subject to the examination and supervision of the evaluation committee and the market.

12. Any competitor who is assessed by the evaluation committee to have committed fraud shall be disqualified from the competition.

13. For other details, please consult the sponsor, and the interpretation right of Super League belongs to Consensus Lab.

11. Calculation Formula of Various Indicators

Equity at the beginning of the day = equity at the end of the previous day

Daily rate of return = daily return / equity at the beginning of the day

Cumulative rate of return = ∑ daily rate of return

Comprehensive score =(±)100×|accumulative return rate|×√|accumulative return| / A×(1-|maximum drawdown|)2

Maximum drawdown = MIN (rate of return drawdown)

Rate of return drawdown = [(latest accumulative return rate - record high accumulative return rate)/ (record high accumulative return rate + 1)]×100%

Sharp rate = (rate of return - risk-free rate of return)/ volatility rate

Volatility rate = standard deviation of rate of return

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