Blockchain to Transform Print Media and Publishing in Italy

Sep 10, 2019 at 12:52 // News
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Blockchain technology is playing a big role in publishing and there are some interesting projects underway.

Blockchain technology is playing a big role in publishing and there are some interesting projects underway. The Italian print media and publishing industry is progressively joining the distributed ledger technology (DLT) arena. However, as big companies are trying to use blockchain to enhance their supply chain, the creative industries are testing and utilizing the technology to rise reporters' responsibility and to attempt to get rid of the trust factor.

With the significant arrival of digitization, the publishing sector is now able to vigorously combat plagiarism and copyright breach issues, particularly since the year 1999. Also, it is time and again very problematic to determine who is the real innovator or architect of any particular work.

Blockchain is a Solution to Plagiarism   

Disruptive DLT could eventually become a great solution to the sort of glitches existing in the media and publishing division. Every record of file that is properly recorded on a public blockchain are actually secure, rigid, unchanged and can be seen or accessed by any verified party in the network.   

In a similar way, during the issue of an article, newspaper, books, etc. the credentials of the metadata can be easily uploaded by the real writer/author on DLT network with the purpose of confirming the exact time of initiation of the work. Every change done by the writer can then be published on the blockchain and accessible for the public to see and read.   

A well programmed smart contract can also help on the task of monitoring the whole blockchain network seeking identical works. In case of any duplicate content is discovered, the author will be automatically not given the limited copyright on that particular work. If at all the smart contract doesn’t find another copy of the work, the journalist's creation will qualify as being unique, and he will be given full and special rights to his individual creation.   

Growing Cryptocurrency Adoption   

This means that, when any media houses wants to use an article or a book stored and available on the DLT network, it will have to first pay the original author a certain commission in order to use his content – and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Facebook’s Libra, Ether, Ripple, etc. will be used to make these kinds of payments. 

Blockchain tech could also help to streamline the mind-numbing and long procedure for getting acquiescence to use again the original work. Italy is also working around the clock to develop systems that will enable the protection of intellectual property (IP) and copyright using the distributed ledger technology.

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