Blockchain Ecosystem Cryptaur Featured as ‘Top E-Commerce Project’ in Recent Crypto News Publications

Nov 01, 2018 at 13:55 // PR
Cyprus-based blockchain company Cryptaur is pleased to announce that it has been identified as an industry leader in recent articles published by ABMCrypto, Global Coin Report, and CCN.

Cryptaur’s blockchain-supported platform, launched in January 2018, was recently featured as a top e-commerce project in articles by leading crypto publications CCN, ABMCrypto, and Global Coin Report.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA —  Cyprus-based blockchain company Cryptaur is pleased to announce that it has been identified as an industry leader in recent articles published by ABMCrypto, Global Coin Report, and CCN.   

The notice comes less than a year after the group’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of the Cryptaur utility token (CPT). Cryptaur experienced an extremely successful pre-ICO and four-part ICO funding stage. During this period the group sold approx 8.5 billion tokens, for a total of $60,000,000.   

With 90,000 active CPT wallet users, Cryptaur represents an engaged crypto community. The CPT token is now traded worldwide through a number of cryptocurrency exchanges including HitBTC, LATOKEN, and Orderbook, and will trade on additional top exchanges in the near future.   

With hundreds of available ICOs now on the market,  Cryptaur stands out, after quickly surpassing competitors in total funds raised from investors, thanks to a well-conceived ecosystem that addresses many of the costly economic challenges currently encountered in the market.   

Cryptaur’s CEO and Founder, Dmitry Buriak. stated:

“We’re very pleased with the article, which demonstrates what we’ve always believed: that Cryptaur is set to eliminate the middleman from a wide range of everyday transactions, increasing economic efficiency for everyone involved.” 

The articles identified Cryptaur as a distinguished project in the retail marketplace, with CCN noting that Cryptaur is “the best blockchain e-commerce project we’ve seen that truly levels the playing field, offering an environment in which products and services are vetted by community consensus.”   

Cryptaur has been steadily reaching a number of fixed goals for 2018, including a successful June launch of credit cards by Fintech United Group, and the launch of automatic Know Your Customer (KYC) at Fintech United Group in August.   

The group will now tackle the release of the first generation X-Game in the Cryptaur ecosystem. The X-Game beta testing represents the latest step the team is taking to showcase the potential their ecosystem has for the online gaming industry.   

According to Buriak, “There is really no limit to what Cryptaur can do.” The Cryptaur ecosystem can potentially facilitate an unlimited range of specialized P2P services, and the team plans to continue demonstrating this through carefully planned and executed project launches. The company’s result-focused outlook will help it to propel forward and establish itself as a leading blockchain-based solution.   

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Founded in 2017, Cyprus-based Cryptaur increases efficiency by eliminating the middleman from a wide range of social and financial transactions. The project’s blockchain-based decentralized ecosystem supports peer-to-peer transactions, pay platforms, online gaming, and more.   

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