Applying Blockchain to Document Management in Health Sector

Dec 14, 2019 at 09:39 // News
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Blockchain helps to design digital document management solutions

Blockchain is one of the technologies that makes it possible today to design digital document management solutions, because, users have the possibility of safeguarding and tracking information or documents of extreme importance.

Blockchain has started to play an important role in the healthcare sector especially in countries like Italy, United Kingdom, Canada, United States and others.

Through the blockchain technology, the concept of "irreversible signature" is introduced into the digital doc management system; you will then have the possibility to apply this signature to each loaded document, a function that introduces countless additional advantages such as: Timestamp, Incorruptible documents and Intellectual property / proof of existence

Document Management in the Health Industry

The use of blockchain technology has become increasingly relevant in the health sector. In fact, the holding and maintenance of a typical health information system involves various operations, including, but not limited to, the execution of backup archiving services, the development of recovery mechanisms and the guarantee of frequent updating of the camps.

On the blockchain, on the other hand, the data is distributed through the network (here, in fact, we speak of a distributed register) and there is no single point of error, just as there is no need for a corresponding intrinsic backup mechanism to exist.

Furthermore, since a unique version of the data is copied to the register held by each node of the DLT, the volume of transactions related to the communication of data occurring between information systems is considerably reduced, thus reducing the congestion of the entire information channels health ecosystem.

With advances in the electronic detection of patient health data, as well as in the storage of health data in the cloud, and with the latest and most stringent data protection regulations, new opportunities are opening up involving the use of the DLT for the daily management of health data, giving patients also easy access and sharing of documents collected in their digital medical records.

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