The Arrest Of The Organizer Of Worldcore Crypto Currency Scam Pavel Krymov: Deceived Depositors Are Represented By International Law Firm

Jul 09, 2018 at 09:05 // PR
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The team of received information from Denys Kastin, Junior lawyer of the company "Law & Trust" that there is no connection between EUPSP, Worldcore project and Pavel Krymov.

Original text: Within a few weeks, representatives of the company stole from 10 to 25 million dollars, according to different estimates, defaulted a single promise given to its investors. During the investigation, initiated by defrauded investors, it became clear that Worldcore has never had any products and licenses and all statements of the company are patent untruth (such evidence was published on the website Also found the fact of theft of client funds and allegations that Worldcore is SCAM dated 2016! 

For financial crimes organizer of Worldcore Pavel Krymov was put on the international wanted list, on 6 February 2018 he was arrested at Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow. As far back as May, the false director of Worldcore Alexey Nasonov confessed that their project was outright SCAM:

It is to be recalled that the financial fraudster Pavel Krymov is the author of more than 40 financial pyramids such as Forex Trend, Panteon Finance, Private FX, Questra, Five Winds and Worldcore. 

According to present knowledge, defrauded investors renewed the struggle with the organizer of pyramids Pavel Krymov. The reason for the next wave of activity was information about the arrest of Krymov, judicially the criminal was placed in pre-trial detention center 4 in Moscow until 5 August 2018. Affected investors are going to seek justice with the assistance of lawyers of international companies Eterna Law (,-panteon-finance-i-private-fx.html).

At the moment the arrest of Pavel Krymov attracted the attention of thousands of defrauded investors and media. Central television channels offer insight into the information that Krymov is already being prepared for the extradition to Kazakhstan (where several criminal cases initiated under article 190 part 4 of the Criminal Code, serious fraud). For organizing financial crimes creator of Worldcore may get up to 7 years of imprisonment:

If you have suffered from financial pyramids of Pavel Krymov, please contact Eterna Law specialists to email address

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The team of received information from Denys Kastin, Junior lawyer of the company "Law & Trust" that there is no connection between EUPSP, Worldcore project and Pavel Krymov.

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