Origin of Animal Products Traced with Blockchain in Italy

Oct 14, 2019 at 07:06 // News
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Animal products traced with blockchain

There is a clear green light for new experimentation with the application of blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) in Lombardy, an administrative region in Italy. It will enable to track the checks conducted to protect customers on agricultural products especially beef and dairy product chains in two giant firms in the Valtellina.

This is foreseen by the resolution approved by the Regional Council, proposed by the vice-president Fabrizio Sala, in consultation with the councilors Giulio Gallera (Welfare) and Fabio Rolfi (Agriculture, Food and Green Systems).

Blockchain technology has been playing a fundamental role in safeguarding Made in Italy goods and services against fraud and counterfeiting, and has also allowed the quality of products and animal welfare to be improved as it uniquely identifies each control.

Reducing Bureaucracy Using Blockchain

Another significant element is the possibility to go back in an immutable manner and authenticate the validity with respect to the original information. This research can be extended, at a later time, to the entire regional territory.

According to Fabrizio, the recent blockchain project rolled out by the Lombardy Region is an experimentation among the first in Italy and in Europe intending to enhance public administration. This looks like an epochal turning point which has already given excellent results with the first experiment applied to the 'Nidi Gratis' tender recently concluded.

The Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo adopted DLT in public administration and this has helped to reduce bureaucracy and time spent to conduct important administrative processes. The region has now started showing signs of becoming a vanguard of innovation especially in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Other areas in Italy such as Napoli, Milan, and others are busy exploring the potential of disruptive technology such as DLT and cryptocurrency. The government is also doing all what it takes to support these emerging technologies.

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