Altrady: The Software that We Need for a Better Trading Experience

Sep 08, 2020 at 07:27 // News
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Altrady makes crypto trading easy

We have heard of people who instantly built their wealth from Bitcoin. But we have also read stories of those who were scammed and whose entire savings have gone with the wind. If there are two sides to the crypto story, how do we know the real score about it?

Although these two extremes often get hyped in the news, there is one middle ground that is worth looking at: the burgeoning industry of cryptocurrency trading as a reputable financial alternative. 

Cryptocurrency trading is not a magic industry. The technology behind cryptocurrencies may be deep and complex, but the benefits arising from its use and adoption are real. 

Once you decide to get into trading, it is important to regulate your expectations, slowly build your expertise, and take advantage of existing tools. 

Here is where Altrady comes in. As an all-in-one crypto trading platform for multiple exchanges, it helps you have the right start so that you can safely build your digital assets. It simplifies the process and gives you an easy overall experience. 

Easy Start, Simple Registration Process & Seamless Integration 

A lot of people get intimidated by cryptocurrency trading. Whenever they hear about the topic, they either think that it’s only for finance and technology experts or a lot of money is needed to get into the activity.


What we like about Altrady is that it makes things less complicated. Entering its website gives you an impression that you can easily use and understand the platform. They greet you with this promise: “Altrady makes crypto trading easy.” This is so effective because they immediately address one of the most pressing concerns of new traders - that crypto trading might be cumbersome for ordinary people. 

The inviting atmosphere of the website is continued up to the registration process. We simply need to sign up with a valid email address to create an account and set up 2FA for safe logging in. 


Once registered, then we can connect our exchange account to the Altrady trading software through API integration. This seamless process allows us to enjoy the cool features of its trading platform and portfolio management tool instantly! 

Perhaps, you are thinking, is it safe to connect your exchange account to Altrady? According to Altrady’s safety terms and policy, they use state-of-the-art encryption technology to safely store the API keys on the servers. Even if we connect our exchange account to Altrady, our funds remain on the exchange unless we withdraw or transfer assets manually. 

In essence, Altrady only enables simple and convenient trading across multiple exchanges. They only provide us with the technology but do not in any way hold our assets nor promise to multiply our coins like an investment scheme. 

Simple & Efficient: Single Trading Software for Different Exchanges

Simplicity is at the core of Altrady. Even when crypto markets are fast-changing or even if assets are spread across different exchanges, Altrady can simplify the entire process. 

Yup, we no longer need to go from Binance to Bittrex then jump to KuCoin and Kraken just to accomplish all our trades for the day. Having multiple exchange accounts is no longer a problem because all we need is a single crypto trading software to manage our buy and sell orders. 


Using Altrady has been a breeze for most of us. It’s like having a breath of fresh air after being suffocated from the complexities of simultaneously monitoring the volatile movement of coin markets. 

Altrady’s trading page lets us observe different crypto markets without any hassle at all. We just need to add a new market tab and select from hundreds of cryptocurrency pairs available on the supported exchanges. The watchlist and recent market feature on the market tab selection also make things a lot easier because we can simply toggle in between tabs to observe our favorite markets across exchanges. 

Another awesome thing about Altrady’s charting interface is that you can observe different market charts from different exchanges on one screen! Having multiple charts available on our trading dashboard allows us to easily compare market movements and spot profitable opportunities. 


With Altrady, we can create buy and sell orders from different exchanges without having to open separate browser tabs and exchange applications. Its trading terminal allows us to place a variety of order types including scaled ladder orders which is an advanced order type that is characterized by placing orders at multiple levels on the market chart. Through scaled ladder order, we don’t have to be in front of trading screens 24/7. This can be a huge advantage even for beginners who haven’t explored the use of crypto trading bots yet. 

Another thing to love about Altrady’s trading terminal is its functional crypto charts. It is so convenient to use that we only need to right-click a certain level or price point on the chart to create orders or set alerts. 

Binance Trading Made Easy on the Altrady Crypto Trading App

Binance is recognized as the top cryptocurrency exchange platform for its massive trading volume, the huge number of coin pairs available for trading, its insurance protection to user funds, and highly competitive fees. 

A lot of Altrady subscribers have accounts on the Binance exchange. Although Binance is already a cool platform in itself, traders have acknowledged the huge role of Altrady in their success. Currently, Altrady supports Binance global, Binance US, and Binance Futures. By integrating your Binance crypto exchange account to Altrady, you can maximize your trading opportunities and effectively build your assets using Altrady’s innovative crypto trading tools, real-time alert technology, and automatic portfolio tracker. 

If you want to diversify your portfolio and spread out your assets, Altrady can help you. They have the best features to help you succeed as a Binance crypto trader. Aside from the Binance exchange, you can also integrate your Altrady account to other cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bittrex, BitMEX, OKEx, KuCoin, Kraken, HitBTC, Huobi, Poloniex, and Coinbase Pro. 

Portfolio Understanding at a Glance

As soon as we connected our exchange accounts to Altrady, we were able to view our balances and see the performance of our assets across exchanges. The revamped version of the Altrady portfolio manager has been a huge improvement from its previous look. 


Now, the portfolio manager shows significant information such as total balance, period change, 24-hour change, and asset distribution in a more visually pleasing and comprehensive format. 

Different kinds of charts are used to display relevant information so that we can properly assess how our assets are performing in relation to our trading activities. The line chart shows the growth of our assets with BTC or ETH figures shown against USD values over a specific period of time. The pie charts effectively give us an idea about the distribution of our digital assets across exchanges and currencies. Through this, we can easily understand how much of our assets are in Bitcoin, in a particular altcoin, or on a certain exchange. The stacked chart shows us the growth of our assets over time with corresponding information on the percentage of our coin holdings. 

Altrady’s break-even calculator is another handy tool that can help traders make wise trading moves. This break-even tool comes in the form of a widget that can be easily accessed on the trading page. This tool makes automatic calculations of all our trades made on a specific coin pair or market to help us learn whether we are still making profits or give us an idea of how we could at least reach the break-even point. 

These portfolio features by Altrady are undeniably among the most useful innovations in the crypto trading industry. Because of these tools, we no longer need to use separate spreadsheets just to keep track of all our coins and trades. 

Indeed, there are separate crypto portfolio management applications out in the market, but combining the functionalities of both a trading terminal and a portfolio management platform is an obvious advantage of Altrady. 

Anywhere & Anytime Accessibility 

Have you heard of stories about crypto traders turned into zombies? Are these mere exaggerations? Perhaps, if we take them literally. But as a figurative expression, these stories clearly make sense. Since cryptocurrency markets are running wild 24/7, those who trade with eagerness to catch every profitable opportunity usually lose meaningful time for rest and leisure. 

This is exactly one of the reasons why we keep on looking for the best crypto trading platforms. We understand how markets can become haywire in a matter of seconds and how strategies have to be flexible in view of market movements. 

Getting real-time crypto price alerts and base notifications from Altrady help us become updated on what’s happening in the market 24/7. By configuring our Altrady account, we can receive the right notifications even when we are not constantly staring at our computer screens or exchange apps.  

Having its desktop, mobile, and web versions prove to be extremely beneficial to anyone who wants to constantly take part in profitable crypto market activities. Although a lot has changed in terms of people’s mobility because of the recent global health crisis, it is still important for a crypto trading software to be accessible on different devices. 

A Worthy Investment for a Profitable Crypto Trading Adventure

Observing Altrady’s functionalities have made us consider it as a worthy investment. Spending around €20 for a monthly subscription to an all-in-one crypto trading platform doesn’t seem bad at all. With the foreseen returns in terms of finding profitable opportunities and having efficient trading tools, then getting a premium subscription could be a wise investment for anyone including those who are just starting their journey into crypto trading. 

Although they offer a free trial subscription, no credit card required, we suggest that you get their advanced trading plan. This is a complete package that gives you access to all their features and services including the base scanning and quick scanning tools, advanced trading functionalities, comprehensive portfolio manager, and developer API among others. 


A Chance for Further Growth 

The Altrady cryptocurrency trading software surely is not a perfect platform. Considering its age in the industry, it still has a lot of unexplored paths. But seeing the dynamic development from being a base scanning software to becoming an all-in-one crypto trading platform, we could only expect the best from its team. 

Its trading community in social channels such as Discord is truly admirable. It is surprising to see how its leadership is hands-on in providing support to crypto traders. If this kind of interactive community continues to flourish and if the management does not falter in listening to its user base, then we might see Altrady leading crypto trading innovation in the near future. 

Get to know more about the Altrady multi-exchange cryptocurrency trading platform by visiting their website!

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