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Jun 19, 2018 at 10:42 // News
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All in OneChain

The arrival of Blockchain technology opened new solutions to various fields of modern business and social life. However, cryptocurrency industry is still the main driver for Blockchain tech development.

Any currency-issuing projects face two major problems: development of the R & D wallet and assurance of transaction and flow. Development of the wallet increases the expenses on the project and security needs, and takes time – it requires nearly half a year or even longer developing the wallet.

If a service platform can solve these problems at the same time, then it is very likely to be the gateway to the real world of blockchain assets. Moreover, if it is a completely decentralization solution, it will make the gate more transparent and trustworthy, and it will allow more people to travel back and forth across the gate.

One Platform – Multiple Solutions

Project OneChain, founded by an original architect of Huobi, a technical genius who can also lead the blockchain technology in the future - Huang Huarong, now aims to become the gateway to the blockchain world of the Internet.

Huang Huarong has 20 years of R & D and management experience, and extensive experience in natural language processing, mobile social networking, mobile shopping, digital currency and exchange. He is also a father of the first Chinese-English speech synthesis system in China.

His new project – OneChain is one platform with multiple solutions and benefits. "Decentralized wallet, decentralized exchange, decentralized social networking, and lightning transfer” have all been completed and their performance is very high.

The members of the team of OneChain come from such famous projects as Amazon and Xiaomi and have experience in investment, banking, chip manufacturing and other fields.

According to the project’s whitepaper, the OneChain Open Platform contains a mature and perfect decentralized wallet, decentralized exchange, decentralized social media and thunder transfer functional modules which the developers can make direct invoking or make a free combination.

OneChain also provides API and SDK interface for developers so that developer team can invoke the API interface to develop by itself, other non-developer teams can use the SDK interface to make direct integrations into their own product. This interface will significantly simplify the blockchain application development process, cut the development cycle and facilitate enterprises to develop and to deploy its blockchain based application. The OneChain platform supports Python, JAVA, PHP, Go, JS, Ruby and other mainstream coding  languages.

Using Bitcoin Faster and Easier

Among the solutions that can bring OneChain to leading positions in the cryptocurrency and Blockchain industries is the plan to implement SmartBitcoin (SBC), which is a Bitcoin fork that supports smart contracts and allows people to use Bitcoin faster and easier.

The benefits that it brings are higher performance, faster transaction speeds, lower transaction fees, lower energy consumption, and more stable interest among miners and holders.

The holders of ONE will receive SBC in accordance with the assets amount and will be able to use atomic cross-chain transactions between EOS, SBC and ONE.

OneChain Plans

OneChain’s team understand that payment is the core function of the wallet, thus, they plan to increase the access to many digital asset payment applications. ONE token will support a variety of teams for application development. The specific methods are still under evaluation, such as support for innovative products like OpenBazaar.


The only investment adviser of OneChain institution is Spectra Advisory.

Iris Zhang, Founding partner of Spectra Ventures & Advisory

Spectra is an investment bank focused on the blockchain service project. It has successfully hosted many excellent projects to issue tokens such as MyToken.

Spectra Advisory is a digital currency advisory service under the Spectra Ventures & Advisory (, which is dedicated to providing cryptocurrency advisory services and blockchain consulting services. The Spectra Advisory team consists of early cryptocurrency adopters and experienced investment managers from top-tier venture capitals. It has a rich experience in the field of digital currency operation, covering the range of services in China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Interested subscribers can add official WeChat or official telegram of Spectra for more information.

Official WeChat: spectravc(full)、spectra001、spectra002、vincent-Spectra、Cand-Spectra Official Telegram: spectratele

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