ADZbuzz Platform Announce Airdrop and the Opportunity to Earn Crypto on a Daily Basis

May 30, 2018 at 14:22 // PR
ADZbuzz announce airdrop

ADZbuzz, a content discovery platform, where users can follow their favorite sites and earn 100’s of community tokens per day, plus daily dividends.

30th May, 2018. London, England:  The ADZbuzz platform is a discovery platform which enables users to freely synergise between other media platforms such as Feedly, Reddit and Steemit. ADZbuzz is one of the ecosystems biggest secrets, a fully developed platform that has been built from the ground up since its launch in 2016.

ADZbuzz users are able to choose and organize the content from all of their favorite sites and feeds, enabling them to browse through the latest content of all the sites they like in one place. The interesting part about ADZbuzz is that both users and content creators are both able to reap daily rewards.

The ADZbuzz Exchange in combination with the social content discovery platform ADZbuzz aims to reward web publishers and crypto traders using profits from various sources. This will not only allow crypto traders to earn daily coins just for trading on the exchange, but will also help web publishers to earn a passive income in crypto, increasing the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies in general.

How To Earn On ADZbuzz

Every member that joins ADZbuzz is able to claim 100 ADZbuzz community tokens (ACT’s) on a daily basis. The token can be held to earn daily crypto dividends or sold for ADZ, BTC or ETH on the ADZbuzz exchange.

Claiming tokens could not have been easier, with the platform remaining 100% free to use.

Users are able to participate in this daily airdrop enabling them to earn 100 ADZbuzz Community tokens, built on Ethereum, every day just by logging into ADZbuzz. As the owner of the communities, you will also earn daily profits which the communities generate just by holding your community tokens.

The ADZbuzz Exchange Bonus

The ADZbuzz Exchange holds place for a unique rebate feature that gives the trader an option to get a 100% rebate on their trading fees in their bonus wallet and a 50% rebate wen their referrals trade. This bonus scheme is reflected in USD at the current exchange rate of the coin the trading fee is received in by ADZbuzz.

About ADZbuzz

ADZbuzz is a social content discovery platform with a built-in RSS reader. On top of getting more followers and readers for their content, publishers also receive daily crypto rewards as more and more people read their content. The platform has been built from the ground up for the last 2.5 years and now includes dozens of features that allow us to compete with the established social networks.

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