123swap Launches New Era for Blockchain Projects, including Polygon

Nov 13, 2021 at 11:00 // News
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123swap forms meaningful partnerships with blockchain projects

Growing the ecosystem requires effective partnerships. According to 123swap, collaboration with notable projects will help the ecosystem thrive and increase the acceptance of cryptocurrencies. The purpose of the 123 Exchange is to reproduce the basic idea of ​​cross-chain, respond to the latest developments, and cooperate with the best and most reliable cross-chain approach.

123swap uses active deals to automate and stimulate the swapping process. However, the company continually strengthens its internal operations and strives to provide a dedicated customer base with more efficient services. To achieve so, the most reliable route is to form meaningful partnerships with evolving blockchain projects.

The 123swap platform is currently running Ethereum, the Binance innovative chain, and Polygon and will continue to be available in the future.



Avalanche is a layer-one blockchain that is the foundation for decentralized applications and custom-made blockchain networks. It is one of Ethereum's competitors, aimed at driving down Ethereum as the most popular Blockchain for smart contracts. We're trying to do this by doing up to 6,500 transactions per second while maintaining scalability.

The unique architecture of Avalanche makes this possible. The Avalanche network consists of three blockchains: X-Chain, C-Chain, and P-Chain. Each chain performs a specific function and is significantly different from the approach adopted by Bitcoin and Ethereum in which all nodes must verify all transactions.


Theta Network is the pinnacle of a blockchain-based video distribution network. Theta provides a token incentive for users to watch video material simultaneously while relaying the video to other users viewing the related content. Like other sharing economy models, users can provide free bandwidth and computer resources to dispatch tapes to other users and get token incentives based on their contributions. You can post to Theta Network from your PC, mobile device, or smart TV.

Integrating Theta into the video distribution stack of a video platform can help reduce video distribution costs, increase viewer engagement, and increase revenue.


Harmony is a blockchain platform that promotes the advancement and deployment of distributed applications (DApps). By focusing on random state sharding, which allows you to create blocks in seconds, we are trying to reinvent the functionality of distributed apps.

Harmony aims to introduce cross-shard contracts and cross-chain infrastructure by the end of 2021.

Houbi ECO

Houbi ECO is an ecosystem of the Huobi Group, built around an exchange business that uses HTs as a token and invests and operates in upstream and downstream blockchain industries. The main objective of Huobi Eco is to facilitate the most extensive collaboration and growth in the global blockchain sector.


KCC is a high-performance distributed public chain. The aim is to address low performance and high-cost issues in the public chain and give alliance members a faster, more comfortable, and less expensive practice. KCC is entirely interoperable with Ethereum and ERC-20 intelligent deals, and migration costs are exceptionally minimized. Ku coin token (KCS) is a KCC native Token that can pay for gas.


Ontology is a high-performance unrestricted authorization blockchain that practices digital identification and data. Ontology's different base facilitates intense cross-chain interchange and Layer 2 scalability, enabling organizations to freely develop Blockchain to meet specific requirements. Ontology features include ONT ID, a mobile digital identity application that uses DIDs across the ecosystem, and distributed identity and identity.



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