Decentralized Blockchain Messaging App ySign Launches Token Event

Mar 29, 2018 at 10:16 // News
ySign launches token event

Maltese startup ySign has launched a token generation event to call for interested participants to help fund its new blockchain-based messaging application, set to become the latest entrant in the race to change the way modern communication takes place.Launched on 21st March, 2018, the token sale will run for six weeks, concluding on May 4th, 2018.

Shaking up the Messaging Industry

ySign’s new app is a direct response to the challenges faced by users of centralized communication tools, proposing a quicker, simpler and more reliable solution built with blockchain. It seeks to bring about changes in the way modern users communicate and share data through increasingly popular use of messaging apps.

It first looks at the way text messages and calls are processed, using the blockchain to secure the data of billions of users, bringing much-needed protection of privacy and preventing it from abuse prone in centralized systems. ySign CEO Ivan Vujic noted the increasing concern about privacy threats to online communications, pointing out that the proliferation of centralized tools and platforms have not addressed security, with many exposed to external intrusion and data theft:

“ySign is introducing a new era to the way people connect with one another, on a global basis. Using blockchain technology, we ensure that ySign users enjoy the highest level of security and privacy during their communications, allowing them to connect with each other and share information freely, and, above all, safely.”

Vujic spoke about the staff at ySign, whose collective experience extends to years of working in business, IT, marketing and application development, with a view to enhancing finance and exchange platform skills:

“We are fuelled by passion and creativity; we are fast to adapt to change, and we believe it is our duty to keep abreast with the latest developments made in the ever-evolving technological field, so as to develop innovative IT ideas that would ultimately serve as everyday problem solutions for people from all around the world.”

The Maltese tech firm promotes a vision of complete freedom in communication, where technology enables and empowers, rather than restricts and limits, simply by furthering and simplifying the concept of global communications and connectivity.

A Decentralized Network Means Greater User Control

The ySign platform aims to be available to all people anywhere in the world, allowing them open, private and secure means to communicate, featuring discreet exchanges, whether via voice call or text. Forgoing the centralized storage of data on servers used by most apps, ySign will use the NEM blockchain for a distributed file sharing system, guaranteeing privacy while securing data through high-grade encryption impervious to hacking attacks.

Users need only sign in with a username and password to use the app and access data on the blockchain, meaning that they never have to submit personal information.It will benefit from immediate scale, with the app designed for a capacity of billions of users, each with a unique ID that will only display the last six numbers. Users can show only their username or ID within communications, while all data is stored on the Id alone. Of course, users can also store data on their own device.

The ySign Token

The platform will be powered by the YSN token, native to the ySign app and compliant with the ERC20 protocol on the Ethereum blockchain. It will also accept XEM tokens for payments. After a successful conclusion to private pre-sale and pre-sale events, a general token sale is now underway. Early participants will be able to obtain discounted tokens, beginning at 10,000,000 tokens for 0.00018 ETH or 0.43 XEM during the first week, with diminishing discounts every week thereafter. The main sale then begins on April 19th, 2018 until May 4th, 2018.

To learn more about ySign, visit the website and read the whitepaper.

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