Top 10 Websites for ICO Ratings and Reviews

May 20, 2018 at 17:36 // PR
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Featuring the rating of the best websites where investors can find ICO project reviews and other useful information. Easy to follow hot and new projects. Selecting projects carefully and well. Thereby, the number of new projects are limited. However, at the present the quality of projects are not really good as before. The other thing is that this website has directed community’s interest successfully. Some projects which are not really good but after evaluated “High Interest” on ICOdrops, their number of members increased crazily, community get FOMO with this. Also, “High/Very High Interest ICOs” won’t be hard to get in or have finished Pre-sale already. Interface is as similar as Icodrops, but adding more categories and social channels at the first page. Highly selecting ICO projects. Rating quality is quite impressive. It adds a new category in rating, called Term which means the period of keeping these ICOs. In addition, Icogens updates high qualitative ICOs very early and fast. This facilitates investors to research and invest in Private sale, not waiting until Crowsale. This website is different in comparison with other websites about the clear categories, including platform, cryptocurrency, business services, investment, software… It’s difficult to track or follow ICOs schedule: upcoming ICOs, ongoing ICOs, ended ICOs parallel until you scroll down and turn it on one by one. Projects are not selected carefully and experts’ evaluation are very strange and not accurate. It’s also hard to ask them change the score too if anything’s misunderstanding. Token sale information is not updated in time. The number of projects are quite numerous, but not many projects presented here. Updating ICO projects in this website are not difficult as others. Clarify clearly an independent Block or a dependent platform at the first sight. The rate is not good. Informative websites. Good & Bad ICO projects here. Good projects often listed on first pages, then their scores decreased. No one wants to review last pages. Too many projects, not selective. This website is not optimal with users’ interface. Its projects listing were repeated twice while they can combine “Investment rating” table & “Least risky projects” table in one. ICO rating based on Risk and Hype scores. Not many hot ICO projects here. Clarifying clearly ICO categories. There are so many projects and not many good one here. Rating’s quality is not qualitative. They commonly update Conference’s information. Providing hot & new projects, rating frequency is not regular. Providing coins price graph rather than ICO project analysis. Listing not many new & hot ICO projects. Icoreview has forum discussion like Bitcointalk but not really much active. Rating looks not really qualitative. This website saves time for investors by showing population and popularity graph of ICOs in combination with ICOs’ information and ratings. There are too many ICOs to evaluate so that hot ICOs are not commonly rated. Rating quality is neutral. First pages of ICOs are always the highest score ones so that no one will want to review ICOs in last pages. 


Each website has both advantages and limitations. Icodrops, Icogens and Icocruch are most impressive with me due to their rating and updating of new and hottest ICOs. However, to find newest ICO and rating by ourselves, I prefer using Icogens, Icocruch and Ico holder.

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