Users Can Now Trade PlusCoin on Crypto Exchanges

Jan 25, 2018 at 15:37 // PR
PlusCoin on crypto exchanges

Cryptocurrency users can now exchange their digital coins for PlusCoin as it begins to get listed on a number of exchanges online. PlusCoin coins (PLC) have been distributed among the first token holders and are now making their way to the stock exchange.

Etherdelta now lists PLC for trading while other exchanges like Bitsane/Anybits, IDEX, Mercatox, and Yobit will follow suit. The  DS PLUS team said more exchanges will be added to the list wherein users can trade PLCs.

With plans of joining larger and more exchanges, the DS PLUS team also sees it fit to drive more interest toward the coin and present PLC as a tool to enjoy cashback rewards given away by the PlusCoin platform.

DS PLUS Burns Unsold PLC

DS PLUS announced that it would burn all unsold PLC tokens from the ICO on January 15, 2018. This would decrease the supply of the coin but would give its price and market value a boost. Fewer PLC coins on the market would yield higher interest from the cryptocommunity.

“When discussing the process of burning the unsold during the ICO PLC tokens, we concluded that the total number of tokens, including those that were allocated to the infrastructure and the reserve, should be reduced to properly distribute and increase the value of the coin,” said Mikhail Mikhailov, CEO of DS PLUS (PlusCoin).

The team stated that PLC coins will be distributed in this manner:

  • Distributed during the ICO is 5,172,323,624
  • Infrastructure of DS PLUS (PlusCoin) is 13,200,000,000.00
  • Stabilization fund of 9,900,000,000.00
  • This leaves the market with 28,272,323,624 PLC that users can begin trading on the listed online exchanges.

About DS PLUS and PlusCoin

DS PLUS is a platform that provides a crypto-cashback service powered by the Ethereum Blockchain in the form of a mobile application integrated with PlusCoin cryptocurrency. It serves thousands of partner merchants by motivating users to make a purchase using PlusCoin. Users gain rewards by using PlusCoin which can be used to buy goods and services from partner merchants at the online store of the platform. For more information, visit

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