Uber-like Blockchain Platform on the Algorithmic Trading Market with Unlimited Opportunities

Feb 06, 2018 at 13:30 // News
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Tradingene uses top-performing robots

Tradingene, a new ready-to-use Blockchain-based platform that allows investing in trading algorithms and uses benefits of top-performing robots that steadily retrieve profit throughout simulated trading, offers a free testing environment for algorithm creators on its Uber-like algorithmic trading platform.

Tradingene applies an entirely new approach to the trading market, as it treats trading algorithms as investment products rather than analysis tools. It allows using the combination of cross-edge technologies like Blockchain and AI machine learning on one auction-based platform. This approach opens a broad range of opportunities and innovations for both investors and algorithm creators.

Daniel Wolfe, CEO of Tradingene believes that this platform will become the first “Uber” on the algorithmic trading market. He commented to Coinidol.com:

“There are a large number of inefficiencies in the algorithmic trading market. Current players have fee structures that do not motivate creators. Many platforms have a large number of ‘garbage’ and curve-fitted trading algorithms. In addition, they do not provide transparent pricing nor do they offer the opportunity to create algorithms for a wide range of markets. Tradingene solves all of these problems with a number of innovations and an entirely new ideology: the trading algorithm as investment product!”

Unlike any other platform that requires subscription fees for even basic packages, Tradingene provides a FREE testing environment for algorithm creators. Moreover, it uses new profit-sharing and algorithm evaluation mechanisms to ensure that all algorithm creators are motivated and that the algorithms are not curve-fitted.

Professionals in Trading Robots Development

Tradingene is one of the few companies that have an international, highly qualified team with more than 10 years trading experience and some famous financial managers, entrepreneurs and even world record holders. Its advisors are highly respected people in areas like Machine Learning (such as Tomoya Suzuki - John Brooks Award winner), Investments (such as Tim Seymour - hedge-fund manager and CNBC presenter) and Trading Algorithms.

For the last 4 years, the team of Tradingene has developed and tested lots of trading robots. Now, it provides access to trading algorithms to any retail investor on cryptocurrency and traditional financial markets (up till now, there are just some limited opportunities for retail investors to invest in trading algorithms, most of which only work on FOREX on crypto markets).

Special Benefits to Early Investors

Tradingene already has a ready-to-use product for algorithm creators and has already launched several trading algorithms on private-sale round investors’ accounts.

Now, Tradingene is ready to hold an ICO in March 2018 to go further in developing potentially the world’s biggest Uber-like algorithms marketplace.

To pre-sale and ICO investors, Tradingene offers special bonuses and VIP status which can be achieved only during the ICO. Bonuses and VIP status give different valuable discounts on all platform services.

Early stage investors will have an opportunity to connect trading algorithms to their crypto-exchange account. We already work with Bitfinex and Bittrex on our investors’ accounts. Moreover, during private sales until the end of January, investors can receive special bonuses of up to 30% and 20% starting from the ICO.  

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