Decentralized Social Media Platform Where Tipping Pays and Every User Earns

Mar 14, 2018 at 18:59 // News
Tipping pays and every user earns

Tipper is a decentralized start-up with the aim to utilize the social media space. On tipper, users can earn just from “liking” content. Tipper has been built for the user and the content creator in order to harness The infinite amount of human energy, creativity, and ingenuity that goes into social media everyday.

The platform aims to create a new world where your post can either pay for your breakfast, or could potentially make you a lot of money. Tipper is the ultimate social media platform that pays both ways and incentives “tipping”. A Tipper can transform the setup for each individual, standard users can now benefit from using social media, by having access to a platform that allows for them to make money on every post, receive ad revenue. All tippers ad revenue has been set aside to go to the users.

Utilizing revolutionary contest investing: advertisers are freed from fake views, and target users directly with “branded tips”; and content creators are released from random demonetization, all while giving the power back to the people.

An Economy System for Everyone

Tipper  has created an “econosystem” where every participant in the social media space monetizes, through its four pillars of freedom.

  1. Two-Way Incentives Tipping

  2. Content Investing

  3. Monetization

  4. Branded Tips

Tipper is not like any other social media platform; likes, views, and votes place all users into the same category of expression, whereas tips are not limited, this opens a wide array of possibilities for the monetisation of users. Not only does tipper make earnings on any given post the norm, the earning potential is not limited -- giving the word viral a whole new meaning.

If a user is able to stimulate the social economy by tipping, the more opportunities they gain to earn. Tipper will be the world's first Content Marketplace,  with the ethos to feature content investing where all users can invest and earn from each other’s content.

Branded tips will empower advertisers to reach the users they want and will be finally free from the plague of fraudulent and fake views.

MonetizationTM leads in the era monetizing memorable moments. Now, for the first time, users might be able to share and earn millions with the moments that bind all users together. Life is a rollercoaster of moments that users can collectively share throughout the entire internet.

Tipper enables the average creator, to gain a monopoly of moments, and the people who are celebrating them. It will also people to monetize them together by allowing users to tip these moments, while also enjoying the psychological pleasure they bring from anywhere around the globe.

The technology upon which the tipper platform is build must be able to facilitate micropayments. Most current blockchain protocols, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, are not scalable to real-world commerce. To facilitate these kind of micropayments the blockchain is required to perform at a much faster rate. This is even more so for the next level of applications, decentralized video, tipping and so on -- all of which will require an entirely new, high-performance blockchain protocol.

Tipper have turned that into a reality. The company has created technological innovations that will enable true micropayments and open the gates to a massively scalable blockchain.

The Tipper Blockchain Protocol Features

250,000+ Microtransactions/s (For YouTube-scale video (data) decentralization)
50,000+ Transactions/s (For Tipping (payments) on the blockchain)
Transaction Level Mining (Breaking the mining pools)
Multi-chain Mining (Scalability)
Host Mining
Quality of Service

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