Interacting Through Decentralization: Sociall, The Blockchain Social Media Platform To End All Others

Mar 24, 2018 at 14:54 // News
Sociall to end all social media platforms

Social media is one of many product of the internet that has made a great influence on the modern world. The sheer number of people using this type of platform makes it a very effective tool to connect, distribute information, and reach out to the masses. With an estimated 2,500,000,000 people using one or another form of social media platform, the amount of data generated is immense.

User Data And Privacy

All of these social media platforms are free to use, with very little advertising running on the websites. However, the sheer number of people signed up and willingly handing over data that can be collected, analyzed and sold off without user consent, is what makes big money for these platforms.

Since the users are not made aware (vaguely, at best) as to what kind of information the platforms collect and sell off, there is a serious privacy issue that most users do not even realize. The recent Facebook scandal where it gave data of 50 million users to a political consultancy firm to build profiles on US voters used to help US President Donald Trump win elections is a prime example of user trust breach.

Sociall, A User Centric Social Platform

Sociall is a new social media platform that prides on keeping its user data private. As a decentralized service, it encrypts all user data and stores it all over the world. The data is the property of the user who uploaded it and no one can access it, without his or her permission.

The CEO and owner of Sociall, Jade Mulholland describes the service’s aim as  to provide an adequate response and solution to recent challenges affecting social networks.

Another feature of Sociall is that users are not searchable by external engines. This ensures that only the platform and user approved people can view another user’s profile and uploaded content.

Empowering The People

As the platform grows, it will gradually hand over all running of the platform to the users. A true self-governance, the users will decide and control issues regarding posts and material that gets to be uploaded on the network.

To ensure further transparency to the users, the platform is running a third party security firm audits and security tests to keep user data safe as possible. The reports will be made public for everyone to view on GitHub. As far as current security and privacy settings are concerned, the platform has very simple settings and policies, enabling even the most laymen to understand what he or she will be divulging.

The platform intends to run on the IPFS protocol by 2019. The distributed P2P protocol will enable the platform to be one of the most decentralized systems in the world.

SCL, The Social Token

The Sociall platform will also act as a marketplace, allowing users to trade contents and materials. To this affect, the platform will monetize transactions through its own ERC20 standard token, the SCL. A total of 16,714,020 SCL are in circulation with a market cap of $2,695,386.

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