Signals.Network, a Marketplace of Powerful Algorithms and Crypto-Trading Knowledge

Nov 29, 2017 at 12:50 // News

There are well over a thousand cryptocurrencies listed on and it shows no sign of stopping. Crypto entrepreneurs are focusing in on many industrial niches to create high functioning practical blockchain platforms, supported by their crypto ecosystem which is fuelled by their token / coin; and with ICO funding at an all-time high, there is a plentiful supply tokens available to be purchased and traded for real profit.

Crypto traders all around the world are rampantly analysing the markets keeping watch for the bullish and bearish trends, the buy walls, the huge dumps and so on, in order to keep their crypto portfolios afloat and make profit.

Whilst the data available is vast it still requires a great deal of data analysis, a keen eye, luck and a whole other host of factors that whilst being possible to understand, may not provide a particularly accurate result.

What if it were possible to connect valuable sets of information from data science developers, put it through complex and sophisticated learning algorithms designed to empower crypto traders and pack this all in to a platform for the masses?

Signals.Network is a crypto start-up from Prague, Czech Republic, that is making huge strides towards delivering what could be one of the most important Crypto-Platforms ever.

The reason why Signals is a potentially huge platform stems from the technology it has developed and power that it will provides to traders.

Machine learning algorithms will now be available to anyone, which enables them to create trading strategies from a broad range of specific trading indicators such as crowd wisdom insights, historical data and generate revenue through offering the algorithm generated by the user for copy trading.   

The interface of Signals is broken down into three different sections. There is the ‘marketplace for indicators’, which sets up users with numerous algorithm updates from developers and facilitates the transfer of algorithm to indicator.

Secondly, the ‘marketplace for data or information’ section carries with it the extremely rewarding potential for the monetisation if data sets that correspond to external vendors and users.

Finally there is the ‘marketplace for strategy’, as mentioned before this part of the platform is the exciting icing on the cake, it allows the use of copy-trading which a highly useful for most efficient of traders.

The good news doesn’t quite stop there, its decentralised data, there are no programming skills required to use the ‘strategy builder’ which generates an automatic trading strategy for the users, there are also huge profits to be gained thanks to the machine learning strategies and through the delivery of state-of-the-art algorithms, crypto traders are provided world-class information from the data science community, trail-blazing a way to profit for its users.

The Pre-ICO of the standard Ethereum ERC20 Signal Token, SGN, began on November 22nd, 2017. The token is the backbone of the network and are to be used for all paid features within the platform and at present, 2 million tokens are available in the pre-sale with a 30% discount for the public ICO which begins in December, roughly when the platform will begin their alpha testing.

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