Shipowner: Using Cutting-Edge Blockchain Technology to Revolutionize Marine Assets and Services

Feb 28, 2018 at 13:36 // News
Shipowner is using blockchain technology

Blockchain-based company Shipowner, is the world’s first distributed ledger platform that is focused on Maritime Assets & Services, anticipating their token generation event starting 7th March 2018. The registration, verification, wallet allocation process and access to the marketplace is open.

Based on the Ethereum network, is a distributed ledger platform for participation in capital financing of the 1.5 trillion USD asset marketplace and an enormous 1 trillion USD service market in the maritime industry. Allowing users to have access to the SHIP (Shipping Industry Participations) tokens. With the TGE sales beginning on 7th March 2018.

Anyone on a global level is able to participate in any part of a capital structure backed by real-world maritime assets and services. User participation has been broken down into fractured structure, all depending on the underlying asset or services, versus traditional financing routes, which involve millions of dollars per ticket. With such large liquidity providers such as banks, private debt players, and high net worth individuals and other financial institutions being the ones who usually fund such ventures. To summarize this position, the platform will democratize the way ships are owned, sold and operated on a global level.

An Ocean Of Problems

As aims to solve some of the biggest core industry issues while allowing all users the opportunity to achieve portfolio diversification, superior liquidity and an equitable sharing of benefits. It has the potential to trailblaze industry transformation towards greater accessibility. This all combined into an easily used rational and transparent platform that allows for the flow and allocation of capital correctly.

With implemented efficiencies that bring down the overall cost during a transaction while eliminating the role of the third party intermediary. Thus, allowing the system for a complete level of transparency, giving diversification possibilities endless capabilities. Without having to go through the usual tests of physical and mental, buying of ships, now anyone with any budget can step to achieve the levels of diversification, which were reserved for a select few with much higher freedom of expenditure.

The Shipowner platform aims to disrupt industry consolidation, allowing smaller shipowners a level playing field versus their larger counterparts, allowing the creation of an online environment for the better operations to win. Financing and crew costs can be further optimized, through equitable revenue sharing models.

Ease Of Access

While has eased the entry for non-crypto participants, the platform provides dedicated wallets which have been compiled to be 100% unique to each user. This wallet will be used to buy/sell within the Shipowner platform and store SHIP tokens, in addition to other fractional assets and services. Meanwhile, the company has been working on the next phase of the development roadmap; The Online Exchange.

The native Shipowner exchange is expected to begin alpha testing in Q2, 2018. Facilitating direct and seamless transfers within one portal, this is providing exit possibilities to participants, without having to physically sell a ship. is a working product, which has been tried and tested and is being rolled out phase after phase. The founders understand the nautious tasks presented by the marine industry, in which they’ve spent decades ironing out. It has been a conscious effort to create a product that the marine industry can relate to. is going to meet the core needs of global participants.

Additionally, they have significant experience in developing enterprise level IT systems and application of blockchain technology. The company has leveraged the founders’ successful existing marine businesses, already having secured their commitment in the excess of 200 million USD for marine assets and services which are looking to raise finance, via this innovative channel. The target is to finance 14 billion of assets and services by 2023.


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