Scott Kapun, the Founder of Arsenal NFT Will Soon Introduce the First DeFi/NFT Ecosystem

Jul 19, 2022 at 09:50 // News
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Kapun founded Arsenal NFT out of his frustration and disappointment across many areas of the DeFi space

The founder of Arsenal NFT (ANFT) is on a mission to develop crypto’s first DeFi/NFT Centric ecosystem. Scott ‘Kap’ Kapun is passionate about spreading the wealth and his forthcoming ecosystem, which is paid out in USDC.e to all ANFT token holders, is set to do just that.

Arsenal NFT both creates free NFTs, but where it differs from the competition is that it will distribute 100% of the profits from the community-built DeFi applications directly back to the holders of ANFT tokens, in stablecoins. For Kapun and his team, it is all about the community. As it thrives, so does the ecosystem and the collective profits for all holders of the native token. 

The ultimate goal is to allow for a passive revenue stream for the community.

Kapun founded Arsenal NFT out of his frustration and disappointment across many areas of the DeFi space, paired with the unfortunate scams that consistently overshadow the cryptocurrency and NFT industries as well. He aims to create the first ecosystem in the industry as a means to counter traditional DeFi methods and ensure profits for a community, rather than one investor.

ArsenalNFT utilizes a series of proprietary smart contracts to achieve its goals. More specifically, ANFT’s Spoils of War, which is the company’s exclusive smart contract that tracks stablecoin rewards for holders of ANFT native tokens. Kapun believes in the value, integrity and engagement within the community and for him, those are the three most important keys to growing the ecosystem.

“The more ANFT you hold the more you earn. Not only is ANFT a governance token but it also acts as an IOU that correlates directly with the amount of profits that a holder is owed,” 

said Kapun. 

“The Arsenal NFT ecosystem utilizes a bonding system which offers shareholders  ANFT tokens at a premium, via the dAPP in exchange for USDC.e.”


The first-ever crypto and NFT Ecosystem

The Arsenal NFT team pays close attention to the ideas and feedback accumulated in its exclusive Discord channel. All discussions are logged and applied to future NFT releases, per a community voting system, via ANFT’s exclusive page, so all NFTs created make for a unique investment, rather than having to fund what is already trending. The modernized approach makes for a refreshing experience.

“NFT’s created will now be born from community sentiment,”

 proclaimed Kapun.

The ANFT DeFi community continues to gain speed and is growing larger by the day. Each individual within the ever-expanding ecosystem has a say in what NFTs and DeFi applications are created, and 100% of all community profits are sent to the Spoils of War smart contract. The stablecoins held are then dispersed among the holders of ANFT, every 30 days, and is ultimately based on the average holdings over that span. Additionally, USDC.e payouts are immune to fluctuations in prices, making for the best strategy for investors within the ecosystem is to hold and watch the earnings grow. There is no staking or unsustainable APYs involved in the process.

The culmination of the investments appropriated by the community is accumulated in the ANFT War Chest. This is the vessel that holds all ecosystem-generated funds, which aim to both further expand the presence of ANFT across other blockchains, and also put money in the pockets of all holders of the native ANFT token.

About Scott ‘Kap’ Kapun

Scott ‘Kap’ Kapun is the creator, owner and project lead at Arsenal NFT. He has over eight years experience in network engineering and over a decade in cryptocurrencies. His goal is to change the way Crypto/Defi projects interact with their communities while providing the tools and groundwork for all who participate to earn passive income from the Arsenal NFT Ecosystem. For more information and to get involved with the community, please visit the Arsenal NFT website at

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