What is Royaltiz? What Does the Future Have in Store for us?

Oct 06, 2021 at 08:25 // News
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Any user can easily buy a talent token

Royaltiz is a new branch of investing in the 21st century. A team of specialists has been working hard on a celebrity investing platform. This means that the full range of features is the same as a stock exchange, but you invest in people - not company stocks.

How does it work?

Any user can easily buy a talent token — a celebrity, a singer, a soccer player, and make money on it. Each Talent is tied to real income, and along with income and popularity. The accurate price of the token is correlated. This is much safer and more profitable than other products such as Bitclout (which is only speculation on celebrities). 

A user doesn't have to sell his talent token to make money: he can buy a token of the selected Talent to receive annual dividends. 

As mentioned above, the price of Token directly depends on the career of your selected Talent. Therefore, the user can buy tokens at bargain prices and sell them at a much higher price in the future. 

To do this, the Royaltiz user will need to top up their account with a credit/debit card or bank transfer and then cash out the money in their bank account.

Important announcements and upcoming events

Royaltiz is preparing a list of fundamental events already for the beginning of October this year.

Starting October 15, the company is launching pre-orders for new international celebrities, which will provide users with new tokens and opportunities for high returns and multiplying investments.

Already on October 23, you'll be treated to a sale of 18 talents and 18 new unique tokens of your favorites. In addition, you will be able to pre-order Gims / Kimpembe / Verratti celebrities.

After that, you'll be treated to an Official Relaunch with 18 celebrities on October 23. In the next two days, you can participate in a free card drop from Kimpembe ROY, one of the most famous French soccer players of the PSG team!

At the end of this year, Royaltiz platform users will experience a significant transition to blockchain. Then, users will be able to buy a token in their favorite cryptocurrency. This team of experts is creating new technological investment solutions for everyone who wants to buy/collect/sell tokens! 


Royaltiz is rapidly developing and improving investment tools and opportunities for every platform user and Talent fan. Royaltiz will be moving to international celebrities soon and creating even more opportunities and features to earn money. 

Join the Royaltiz community: be one of the first to invest in celebrities! Buy your favorite Talent's ROY and earn with them: Their success is your livelihood!

Check out our video about Royaltiz: https://youtu.be/qYK9ZkThlyA

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